Thursday, 6 November 2014

Picking up the pieces

Mi Amor - 赤西 仁
Aftermath of Alexander Wang x H&M.
I can literally hear the cinematographic silence, smell the smoke, the dust, the soot in the air, as an undistinguishable noise gets first imperceptibly then clearly louder, coughs, mournings and cries of the wounded and those who have lost.
Through the smoke I start to make out creatures that had forgotten and now remember that they once were humans, crawling on the floor, staggering away, scattered to the four winds.

Some are holding onto their last treasures, leftovers from the great war that they gathered from the battleground, when the victorious had long left, leaving only unwanted trash behind.

Or something like this...

She woke up this morning to a perfectly silent room, even the clock was removed for the ticking sound made it even harder for her to sleep.
6.30 am.
Nothing was unusual, everything was the same as when she went to bed the day before. Half asleep she look around her room.
But then it suddenly hit her. It was announced for today at 10 am sharp.
They proclaimed a fight. They proclaimed a battle. Everywhere. Here in the middle of the city. You VS
The big thing.
The ultimate something.

So I was reloading H&M's site for nearly 2 hours to no avail. Starting from 10 to 10am mind you!!!
Why are people even visiting the site before the announced time?
(Like me? Just to check? Are you...? Really?)

Anyway, I had started to agonize over what I should get yesterday, and after thinking everything through I decided that I needed the towels, and wanted the boxing gloves and could use the men's sweater or gift it to my brother.
I don't know what magic internet other people possess but by the time I could shop in somewhat purpose-serving manner (every 10th reload would bring forth content!!) the sweater had sold out...
WHAT? a menswear item?
Seriously men get a bit too diva/ gay-ish these days....

I somehow managed to accidentally buy two sets of towels (dafuq) which I only realized minutes later. I went back to play Swedish roulette once more and successfully added the gloves to my haul.
(But H&M is really cool, they let you edit your shopping after placing an order, and even add new items to that order and don't create a new order with extra shipping!!!!!)

A bit sad about the sweater, because my bro surely needs some stuff, but oh well... I am victorious enough!!!
I hope the things arrive before I leave on Thursday next week~

Do you like green or black olives more? I love the black ones
Chu, Ailing

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