Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Nightmare and the Mystery Hotel

I had booked a hotel room somewhere in a warm country. Surprisingly enough it was just me going.
But when I reached, the hotel was overcrowded with no rooms left. Hundreds of people were asked to wait outside until a room is free.
Thus the crowd, mostly backpacker folks, was just sitting on the floor on a big place in front of the hotel.
I joined the people lounging on some longer platform sort of construction on the left of the place. Leaning with my back against my suitcase I was prepared to wait.
Two guys sat right and left to me and we started to talk. After a while I was more engrossed in talking with the guy to my left.
Also suddenly my friend A. appeared, she had also booked a room at the same hotel.
After waiting for hours we were told a room was free and the cool thing was A and I were going to share a room.
I somehow left my luggage outside, cuz 'I could get it later' or so I think I was told, but I felt slightly uncomfortable with that.

It was a 2 bedroom suit but to my horror we had to share beds with either of the guys I just met (somehow we couldn't split differently). Somewhere at this point SC a friend of A and me popped into the dream. Somehow he was in A's company.

Anyway I started to sense that something about this whole hotel story couldn't be quite kosher. The people in our room (somehow there were several) suddenly seemed very suspicious to me. And as we sat at a round table in the living room, which with the whole room looked very weird all together - everything appeared like it was painted with a scribbling style and the colours were all in a dirty yellow, orange brown hue* - I started to realise that this was all a scheme of the stupid hotel to cheat guests of their money.
I wanted to blow their cover and expose their cheap trick so I threw the cowboy hat off the guy I was supposed to share a bed with and who was sitting at the table to my left - and was shocked to see that I could directly look at that guy's brain! He had no skullcap or better it was more like someone had sawed it off, but it was not a normal brain, more some sort of a brown mushy thing.
This agitated me even more as it proved me right. Something wasn't right and those people were surely not normal people you meet and have to share a bed with.
I turned to the other guy who wasn't wearing any sort of hat. But I somehow intuitively knew what to do. I grabbed him near his ear and started to pull. His 'head' came off like a role of paper that had been roled and draped on his neck, like hair, face and all had just been painted on. This fella had no brain whatsoever, his head was just empty!
By the way as soon as I uncovered their 'identitiy' they would just sit there lifeless as if the charm that had kept them alive had been broken.

I continued unmasking the others in the room (don't know how, but I think several were also the paper head kind) and kept yelling, 'Is this your trick?! The hotel rooms are so cheap because you let 1000s book, then you don't have enough rooms and come up with this ha?!' Plus I had a feeling they also took their guests luggage, which they usually leave behind when shown to the rooms.
When the hotel owner realised I saw through his trick he let me and my friend go and I was very happy and relieved I didn't fall for it. So I took my trolley and went away.

*similar to the art style of One Piece Movie Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island or the first part of Batman: Gotham Knight which have apparently unsettled me quite a bit.

Chu, Ailing

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