Friday, 28 November 2014


My uncle has died (some time last week).
All my life I haven't really been able to feel empathy.
I also didn't really know my uncle. I have met him twice and may have spoken to him not even once.
And his health has never been good for all I know.

I'm trying to imagine my mother's feelings. It must be really painful to lose someone so suddenly when he has lived with you all your life. And how shocking must this be as a sudden reminder of your own end.
A band of siblings broken so abruptly.

What kind of present buyer are you?
I think in the recent edition of the Harper's Bazaar a bunch of editors and other staffers talked about their gifting habits.
I don't understand what's so special about people who put a lot of thoughts into their presents. Shouldn't that be rule?

Those who know me know that I absolutely love gifting. They say giving is more enjoyable than receiving, I'm not sure if I can attest to that (imho receiving is superb, too), but as for me, I love to give others a treat.

When I want to give someone a present I must definitely make my utmost efforts to find the perfect present, this can be quite a frustrating task.
People define the perfect present differently, for a (Asian) parent it might be the most beneficial thing, for grandparents it might the thing their grandchildren want the most, for some it is something that is useful, for others it's something funny and entertaining or something unique.
For me it's the perfect mixture of everything: a present must fit to the occasion (Christmas, birthday, graduation, wedding, expression of thanks, just-so, etc), it must fit to your relation in terms of price and nature (brother, parents, (best) friend, teacher, staff, etc) and it would be best if it's something the presentee both really likes and 'needs'.
There are thing which people 'need' or can make use of, but have never thought of, if something like that is your present combined with a liking then you can be sure that your present will be a very nice surprise!
I love that kind of present the most!!

Certainly I never go for the easy or cheap way. I think that defies the purpose of a present. If you gift then with love.
That also applies to gift wrapping. Forgive me if I sound terribly unrealistic, but I also love to wrap gifts uniquely playfully.
As well as writing and cards.
Ah the whole process of gifting!!! I sound awfully cheesy ㅋㅋ

But as I said it's not easy. I'm thinking about what I could get for my mother. I tried to find clothes for her, but she doesn't really has a certain taste ㅋㅋ
Also she is a kind of Spartan person and doesn't really like to accept gifts. But if all fails I get her an anti-aging product.

Presents for my father are relatively easy. He likes everything educational regarding politics in Asia. So I can just get him books.

As for my younger brother, it's quite easy, too. For I practically nourished his taste. He likes everything unique and special, he's a typical hypebeast. And he likes DC and the universe ㅋ

My older brother is a kind trouble. He also likes unusual things, but I don't know what exactly. I have a feeling he would even like some useless junk, like fancy mugs or so.....

What kind of presents do you like to buy? I'm curious.
Chu, Ailing

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