Monday, 27 April 2015

Baby don't cry, 全都怪我. 我還是愛著你

I have done a German blog, but came back to blog some things here.
I wonder if it's my imagination or if my German writing is really disgustingly fake, lame and just wrong.
Or maybe I'm just not used to write German and thus I can't do it.

Writing in English just feels more right for me.

Three songs I really like this moment.

Baby don't cry (人鱼的眼泪)

This one is a pretty old song by EXO-M.
I don't know, but when there are Korean and Chinese versions of songs, I normally prefer the Chinese version.


Ok the MV is weird and I haven't really watched it yet, but the song is so cool. I actually never liked a song by JJ Lin, cuz somehow they all sound like the same love-sick shit.
But this one sounds a bit different and the lyrics are the story of my life (a bit).
那一场小风波 将一笑带过

在感情面前 讲什么自我
要得过且过 才好过

不该沉默时沉默 该勇敢时软弱


This has been in the charts for forever and I like it from the start, but never really got into listening to it very much. Until now. MP are not really my kind of thing when it comes to there fashion, but I like this song very much..

I like how Cpop is still relatively conservative so you don't get things like idk whatever (some) Americans are doing.
Also most songs stay in the charts for a very long time, which is a further indication for their quality.

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