Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Stay Chance Stop

Firstly, I noticed that I really like photography, but I'm not any good.
I don't have an eye for the right motif (let alone lightning or whatever). I never seem to be able to capture the things the way I want them, I never get the angle right.

I guess I need more practice. But I don't often have the opportunity, too.

I had a talk about my problem of the last 2 posts before the last.
It is terrifying.

To think that you are condemned to a fucking stupid life that you hated since the beginning, but you don't dare to make a move and that's even your own fault.
No, it's sad, and I wouldn't want anyone to have to put up with such a prospect.

You constantly try to break out, but only so much, the most important and biggest move, without which everything else is useless, you just can't do.
And so everyday you face the very fate you absolutely fear most, fears of failure all the way and you need to drag along one more burden, which only holds you back... and you are stick with it for th rest of your life?

And then we thought of the friends of that person. Like why?
Obviously they must see the pain? Why do they chose to pretent like everything is rosy? I just can't....
Best friends they call each other, yet this one black cloud nobody wants to see.

It's so sad.
Although some things I absolutely don't like about this person, I think he is actually a good human. Who doesn't deserve any of this.
If at least his friends were not so ignorant, I don't get what their purpose is.

I refuse to understand it.
Nothing excuses such a situation.

I hope these are my last words about this topic for the time being.
One day I will say it right into his face.

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