Sunday, 18 October 2015


The only reason - I swear - why I'm blogging is because I'm sitting under the rain, listening to soothing jazz, parked next to a graveyard, waiting for my mother.
That and maybe because I had planned to blog this like lightyears ago

(I am fully aware that a 'lightyear' is a unit of distance)

Do you know what 'sloth' is?
It's the short form for 'self-loath'.

A sloth is fuckass lazy, which results in him hating himself. Still, as much as he hates his iddleness, he can't be arsed to be in any way productive, which results in hating himself more.
Sounds like me.

I'm swaying back and forth between completely uninspired and over-enthu...ingly planning to change like maybe tomorrow... or so.
Goddamit wtf

Anyway I'm going to make a delicious pumpkin soup later #pumpkinseason with poached pears #poachedpearsftw
And cooking is something right? /throws herself into the graveyard

No, I really like cooking.
I made a chicken pie for my mother's birthday.
And I want to cook for myself more and experiment in the kitchen a little.
But I also need to save money, I want to get a bombdiggity hell-of-a carpet for my parents on Christmas. 400+ god bless my soul

The pic is from 1+ year ago, do you understand me?

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