Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Time Travelling

Omg my whole beautiful post was just killed like that FML

And I'm back again after spending a whee time back at home and am on my way to my place again.

Why do days go by so fast - whether you do something or not?
I think the difference between a little kid experiencing a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a month or a year - seriously didn't everything last an eternity back then - is because they experience everything with a greater intensity.

Let me explain: Imagine you were a samurai in the middle of a fight facing your most able arch foe. You stumble, fall backwards and see his katana coming nearer and nearer. Doesn't this second feel like it would never end?
Or picture yourself jumping off a bridge. While falling down only takes a little more than the blink off an eye, you experience it all like it was slowmo.

So if we were able to see the world through a child's eye, wouldn't that mean that we were able to have those never ending hours and life-long years back? If we could just be so curious, interested and look at the world with the same wonder.

And doesn't this all also speak for an inexhaustible positive energy and joyful outlook on life? Where did it all go?

Alas, a train is but a train. A ticket vending machine as best a nerv-killing Stone Age apparatus with lagging and most insensitive touch screen doing its best at pretending us from reaching the train in time. And the buttons that open train doors are - if one would exhaust one's fantasy - maybe his little brother.

I really want to be more observant of my environment. To spend every instance of my life with greater awareness.
I think that world help in being more productive and embracing life (without that burn-out fear lurking around the corner).

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