Sunday, 1 November 2015

Nebelmond, Windmond ☽

Coffee Shop - BAP

1st Nov, my favourite month has begun!
The whole purpose of this post is to celebrate ㅋㅋㅋhahaha
(Yesterday's cheat day dins in the pic)

I like November because it's damn dark and miserable.
The days become friggin' short, there's frost, fog and that depressing, piercing cold drizzle (I wish, todays was sunny as hell).
It's the long, void month before Christmas season and I guess the last opportunity for people to realize that they are finally stepping into the long, cold winter. It just makes people fall into despair!!

On the other side, I like how the coldness makes the warmth much more precious, giving it a therapeutic and symbolic character, of love, piece and safety.
That's why I love holidays like Hallowe'en or St. Martin's Day, they are all about gathering about light. I dunno, it creates such a cozy feeling.

On a sidenote I especially like early winter times in old England. There's something that fascinates me about the life there back then. I must ellaborate and bore you with this subject one day.

Not to forget, it's my birthday month. I celebrate myself in the midth of the dark hahaha
When I was younger I hated being born in November. It would have felt much more girly-girl-isher and princess-like if I was born in Spring or Summer, right?
I really thought I was at a huge disadvantage for being a boring autumn child and less worthy than my classmates who were borin in April or July ㅋ

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