Monday, 10 September 2007

°¤School Begins¤°

aaahhh....zồi ôai zồi ôai !!!!!!!!!
Vừa mới nghĩ dc 5 tuần hay sao, mà 5 ngày nữa lại đi học rồai... Sao Ainii thấy khỗ thế xD

Nè nói đùa thôi đóa. Cả ngày ở nhà, cũng chan ghê. Đi học gặp lại m
ấy ng bạn, chơi voi nhau, đùa voi nhau hoc cùng nhau.

Nhưng mà năm này Ainii phải viết mầy cai Test liền. Cai Bayerischer Mathetest ne, cai Bayerischer Englischtest luôn, rồai cuối năm còn viềt cai Abschlusstest nữa.

viết bang tiếng Anh ná. ^-^

Loolzz... a sudden change in mind...nothing to worry about !^^
so though i might be in some amount of stress, and though there might be some trouble and so on, i am lookin forward to school. it's chus so nice beein
able to learn, being able to do nothin but learnin.
i like my classmates, i like gettin to noe some new teachers. i like the flair, and i want to see our new cafeteria.
it's a cool feelin...

autumn.yeah i noe it got a post already. but this autumn is different.
cuz there was no time of falling red and golden leaves. no last golden sunshine and no high sunflowers smiling from the sky. no children, who want to enjoy the last warmth of the summer.
it's chus icy cold. the sky is grey...
it became autumn, the autmn right before Christmas. if you look out of the window in the evening, the sky is dark. cold stars are sparkling over us. with a sharp glow. and if i sit in my room, it's so cold. if feel the wind, coming, creepin through some space into my room.
some hopeless...i can feel it.


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