Tuesday, 1 March 2011

I'll still still be there.

旅立つキミへ - RSP

Ey Yo Finally!
Is this what you've been waiting for?
BRAND NEW GD I'm all by myself but it's all good
You're My HEARTbreaker - DJ and YG

Before I forget it, I just had a vision of the blogosphere Spring '11

I saw pathetic fashion bloggers with deadly boring outfits posing on the most random arse ends of nowhere in the only misplaced way possible.
Through this pictures the watcher should get a feeling for the non-existing beauty of dirty, unaestethic cities in early rainy, cold, windy spring.

Thanks, no la!

Wow, I'm like starting to blog more often again after such a long absense!^^

What my life is busy can? I got a lot of model jobs to do nowadays, then there are those 2 movies, from which I still have to read the scrips and my kingdom also needs a ruler!

Idk, if anything happened the past months, forgot everything~


I'm desperately trying to register at Cyworld, but the effin site just won't send me the damn registration number.
FUCK 네이트!

I think I'll try with a different number >.< I'm super frustrated while knowing that that's absolutely unnecessary.
Ah~ I feel how I age through all this stress. orz 두통

At this point, I might also add, shitass Korea lah!
Did you know that Koreans get some number when they are born, so every Korean is kinda person #34506730456 ?
And if Koreans want to register at Cyworld (which is a fucking social network for fucktards!) they need that stupid number?

Sick surveillance state!
(I think the question if I'll ever gonna be a Korean star is solved now Hahaha!)

Ok, I see there are advantages like safety (can't make several accounts to cheat around and all those stuff), but people's private life and their entertainment activities are none of a goverment's bussiness.
Especially if 90% of those people are retarded teens.
It's like checking each persons taste in music!
Or food!
Or fashion!
Or favo color!

Come on lah!


My stuffed arrived today, bt I wasn't at home.
They left me a notice and the stupid postman unauthorizedly made a circle around the option You can pick up the parcel at our location somewhere in the middle of nowwhere.

wtf n00b!

Another option on that notice was to request another delivery by calling a chargeable number.


I never in my life picked up a parcel which hasn't been stored at our local post office.

This time, I just mailed DHL to tell them to deliver it again to me.
If they had answered that they wouldn't, I would have told them that I got the swine flu and am quarantined.

But they told me that the parcel will be delivered again tomorrow between 8am-12am.
Nice, I got to skip classes!

복통 (really lah!)


I checked their auditions and really the people there are so mediocre (and some are shitty), (even) I could apply for a dunno-how-its-called! (I mean some sort of trainee thing? or... beats me~)

+ it seems to me people get extra points when they're able to sing in proper English. 中津! - 先輩! - Yeah!

But I highly doubt that they would accept someone so easily.
I can't really evaluate how skilled the CN Blue guy is but Hongki is pure awesomeness!

Well, just some thought of me~

LG Lollipop

Ok, this title is really misleading.

I'm getting strange phone calls recently.
The first one was some Chinese person(s). Who said 'Wei' like a hundred times and two Chinese sentences I could not understand うーん (+_+)

Then this morning when I was still sleeping Unkown ID called.
I kinda noticed that my alarm (Boyfriend - Lee Minwoo) rang several times before, so when suddenly my call-ringtone (Lollipop - 2NE1 & Big Bang) sounded I was a bit confused and looked at my front LED display.
The lights showed that someone called and not an alarm clock (like usually).
Anyways I picked up too late and now I dunno what I should think of the whole story.

It's really strange, because there's actually just a handful of people who have my number (and two of them would speak English with me and not Chinese).

Btw, I dreamt, some Cyworld guy phoned me to tell me the registration number!
And he spoke Korean, and the only thing I understand was the number!
It was: 8

(o_ _)ノ彡☆バンバン ギャハハハ
Well, it's the Chinese lucky number, so let's hope for the best.

Well, that's it!
What a post, peeps! Hahas
I'm just the best blogger out there!

Kidding, but I rarely have 4 topics at the same time to talk about!

Anw, cheers and see you soon!

Chu, Ailing

P/s: I needed 5 attempts to write known corright!
It always turned out to be Kwon >.<


  1. i tried registering at cyworld too! and its a complete fail ಠ_ಠ some unknown shit i couldnt understand... maybe its the number thing hahaha!

    p/s ur luckyy!! i want your phone so bad ( ´Д`) i hate my phone gahhh! my parents still havent decided to buy me one maybe on my birthday.. ill nag them to death to buy me an lg lollipop phone bwahahha and maybe the number on your dream is the winning number of the lotto hahhaaha :))

  2. hahahahahaha lee minwo-boyfriend war von mir XDDD S'PORE FOREVER!!!!

    angelababy <3