Wednesday, 23 March 2011

私の声が 聞こえますか?

君のそばで - 김정훈

A short post to keep you all up to date.

In order not too cold-heartedly ignore the situation of Japan:

Ay me!
I guess it's because Japan and not Haiti, or Tunisia or whatever country I don't care about, but I'm about to cry whenever I see the people looking for their family and friends.
Yes, I am so sorry for all these people. I have a heart.

And 2ndly, I'm sorry for Japan, for the old villages which vanished under the floods, for the future of J-Pop and Gals and J-Dramas and Anime.

Oh my, why why why?
Why did they effin had to build that thing on the coast >.<

But, when it comes to such things I'm always like a blind optimist.
Everything will be alright. そう 信じて!

Enough of that stuff, talking doesn't help!
Pray instead j/k

Mega inspired by twitter's #100factsaboutme
I decided to randomly write trivial stuffs about my eating habbits to amuse the masses.

行け 行け Go! Go! 行け 行け Go!

  1. I only eat the white part of eggs, I never eat the yellow part. NEVER. since I can think
  2. I NEVER eat the starting and ending part of bananas and pickled cucumbers. I guess I find these parts disgusting.
  3. When eating a chicken (the Asian way) I only eat the white meat. Never the brown
  4. I would rather starve then eat something I don't like
  5. I vomit whenever I taste the taste of fat in my mouth ( I never eat fat)
  6. I work greatly as an indicator for expired food. Not only can I smell expired food (with an astonishing accuracy) I also immediately get diarrhea when I still ate it
  7. I even get diarrhea when I eat something that I don't like
  8. I love to drink sprite, lychee juice, bayram tea with sour cherry nectar and tea candy, Chinese plum wine.
  9. I hate coke and coffee. Never drink.
  10. I avoid eating strawberries and mandarines as well as I am able. Not that I don't like them, but the risk of picking one which tastes awful is too high. (cf. point 3)
  11. I only eat the color red when it comes to sweets (cherry lollipops, red gummi bears, etc), but never the color brown (chocolate) or yellow/orange (lemon-/orange- flavoured stuff).
    I only drink the color yellow/orange (lemon ice tea, etc) when it comes to beverages, but never the color brown (coke).
    I only eat the color brown when it comes to cakes or yoghurt (chocolate cakes), etc, but never the color yellow/orange (cake with lemons etc) or red (rasperry yoghurt, cakes with currants, etc).
  12. I don't eat disgusting looking food (ranges from snails to this strange singaporean raw egg stuff).
  13. I can eat soooooo much when something is yummy. Soooo much, it's already embarassing
  14. I (and J) are the only persons who know the two the disgusting flavours earth and carpet.

Last but not least

The German Glamour is raffling 3hree Online Workshops with one of their authors.
She will proofread about writing and help 3 people to write their own short story or novel.

Actually, I would like to do that.
But, I doubt that I will manage to write a whole novel. I honestly don't have enough stamina.

And short stories ain't worth a workshop of 6 months. Seriously.
A short story ranges in length from maybe 1 site to 2.

Also, I think it's too much focused on story telling.
I would like it if they'd also support more abstract writing.

Okays, although, the article is shit I don't really like the promoting article in the magazine itself, I think, this would be an interesting experience.
I belive in passive learning if you understand what I mean by that.

Err... apply here

Note: It's an online workshop, so all you need is a way to access the internet.

And the magazine emotion (don't ask me why my mother is bringing them home) is also kinda holding an audition for 20 stories which will be printed in a book published by dtv.
The topic of these stories is My most beautiful crisis (eh?)

Anyways the 3hree best stories will also be published in the magazine itself and the best author will be able to participate in a journey to an author-workshop at some castle and get more material prizes.

more information

So, if someone of you is interested why not.
If I would win the 2nd competition I would take the money (or whatever it is) and shortly before the journey begins I'd say, I got sick. finito

I got kind of off-topic in the end.


Have fun everyone, I'm a bit busy atm.
So, unfortunately, I can't blog very often.

This post is quite a reassuring vital sign of me, so I think I can seclude myself from the public again without inducing anyone to call the police.

But in about 3 weeks or so, everything will be over and yeah, I have more time to talk then. Hahaha

Chu, Ailing

P/s: John-hoon (the singer of the song I linked above) totally is a combination of Jonghoon and Wonbin! and Donghae!


  1. I also don't drink coke... EVER, cause if i would my eyes are goin to separate hahahaha. i dont know if i make any sense but yeah x)

  2. i'm finally able to comment on your post!
    the #100factsaboutme thingy is scattering on tumblr too and it's annoying me. not that I care about those who I follow... (woops, I shouldn't say that! twitter is a different thing, on tumblr, I follow those I want to reblog, but if it's personal stuff, it bores the hell out of me xD) .. that's mean I know, but can't they summarize all their facts in one post? srsly..

    I prefer the white part of the egg over the yolk, but I don't hate it. :D
    I share #2 and #3 with you! and I don't eat the brownish parts of bananas either.
    #4 and #5 too, that's so creepy that you have the same habits ô_ô

    ah and I'm too lazy to give my feedback to your comment on my blog. let me just say that I totally agree with you! haha