Thursday, 14 April 2011

It goes up and down.

w00t I'm blogging! Ha!

Yes, and I couldn't even think of a nice, catchy, witty opening for this post, so it gonna be all lame.

I finally found the time to blog. Right now, it's shortly before my midnight dinner consisting of instant noodles. ❤
+ I'm super tired lah.

I have been super busy, like I told you. Been studying, studying, studying, running around in the city, to get things.

And now that I'm free, I'm totally occupied w/ friends somehow. We are either shopping, eating out, watching DVDs or going out. Ok, just one time and it was like a nightmare, because I met some sick guy, who spoke in English, French and German too me. And at the end he wanted to be/was nearly all over me. Yuck! On a side note: when ytd we were at Pizza Hut's, my frn told me that some guy kept starring at me?! I know that 3hree guys arrived, and one of them wanted to sit at a table opposite of ours, but then his friends called him to another place. 왜? I swear, I'm super ugly, maybe that's why. Hahas ❤

My room looks like retarded. Everytime I step in, I'm just like fuck and walk out again. And then my bathroom. OMG! I dunno how it exactly happened, bt my hair dryer and curling iron lie on the floor in a cable tangle (and no, I didn't pick the mess up Hahas ❤).
I ordered some korean plastic bag holder, to use it as a trash bin for my bath room. It came from Hongkong and took 1month and 4days to arrive. Srs, this isn't normal. I'm going to the site of Hongkong embassy or state site or whatever, to write some hate mail! And then the thing doesn't even look like the describtion pic. FU
I just recovered from a 1,x month chronic cough. It isn't really gone, bt much better than 1 week ago or so. Really strange. My father would make me tea non-stop back then.
But now I'm barely at home, I barely see my parents (at least it feels like that). I really have a bad conscious, because of that.

Tomorrow I meet friends again in order to get some other things, maybe shoes and jewelry, and maybe we'll go to the fair.
Actually, I wanted to visit A., bt sth happened so I had to postpone that to next week. I gonna stay a few days at her place then.

Since, we have lots of free time now, my frn and I wanna start some projects.
We are planning to do some sports (yes, I'm going to do sports like regularly. which is sick, bt I gonna give it a try.. or better I hv to, if I subscribe for like half a year). I wanna hv a personal plan thing! Then we are going to do some language courses and some photoshots. I gonna try to blog more and... we'll see. I should get more active about home to-do's (i.e. cleaning, etc). Also I want to go on a fast for maybe a week +. Not like relinquishing sweets or alcohol, bt to stop eating. It works that way: in the beginning you take some laxative, to clean your stomach and guts and stuff. Then you just don't eat anything but drinking over a certain time. I already know 3 people among my connections who did this, and so yeah. I gonna try it out. Actually it's for purging your body, bt I'm doing it, cuz it's an interesting challenge and because it wanna lose weight. *fail*

That's it. See you.

Chu, Ailing

P/s: I absolutely don't like my current background! Gotta change it1

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  1. ikr -.- thats the downside i hate about shopping online. I ordered some last month about 5 items and everything that i ordered was horrible excluding the jacket and watch. P/S i also ordered them from hongkong.

    The tshirt was supposed to be loose like what the model was wearing in the picture when i recieved the parcel the shirt looks 5x smaller... doesnt even make sense unless the model is like 3 foot or something. gakkk -___-