Monday, 1 August 2011

또 화가나 왜/ 늘 완벽하지 못해.

내가 제일 잘나가 - 2NE1

Wow! I just notice how overdue this post is!

I'm kind of a procrastinator!
Whatever, this post is my Good Deed of the Day (LOL)

Which prooves that stupid people will never get tired to surprise you.

How come this person landed on my blog siah?!

I think the word suicide doesn't appear on my blog (until just now) wtf!

Even if... I think I am not ugly enough to suicide, so why google links to here?
How ugly is this person anyway?

And most important: The questions answers itself doesn't it?

You don't have any option, right?
Then die lah!

Really, say she (I just assume it's a girl, kays?) gt no option, too ugly to live and still ask what to do... So obvious.

On the other hand, how ugly can you be?
Like serious, if now you suicide and get into the place in heaven where all the other suicide persons live it will be like this:

One a side note: I don't think that the suicide persons will be necessarily happier in heaven. Okay mabye heaven, doesn't even exist. Screw you~

Suiciders: Hey, welcome to heaven.
Here at Suicde Farm everyone understands you and we love you for what you are.
If you need to talk, we are there for you. Don't be ashamed.
For example, this guy was mobbed by his school mates, because his mother was a prostitute. They started beat him up everday. Eventually he suicided, cause every day caused him only more pain.
The dude over there is a maniac killer and shot 54 people. But one day, he couldn't live with the guilt anymore and suicided to end his misery.
And this is Susan, during one month, a crazy person killed her parents, her best male friend turned out to be gay and married her cousin in Vegas, her dog got cancer and died and finally her boyfriend left her to date her sister. After so much pain she had gone through, who would have enough strength to go on?
Others of us were raped, tortured or also lost all their loved ones.
So, would you want to tell us your sad story? Why did you give up on life, my dear?
Ugly person: Errr... I am so ugly, my face looks just horrible lah!
You see this, pimples and spots everwhere, my front full of blackheads, and then my arms! So fat lah! My BMI is 25 !!!!!!!!!
Suiciders: ...

Serious, it's like a joke if you tell ppl with serious problems, that you suicide because you're ugly.

Especially, because, how can anyone be ugly enough to need to die?

Fucking get some plastic surgery!

No money? - Get a job!
Too ugly to get a job? - Sue every company that refused to employ you!
Live in some 3rd world country where you don't have any rights? - There are 1000 other more miseral persons in your country, so stfu !!!

Btw, I googled the topic myself and you know what the 1st hit is?

I want to die is suicide the answer?

If you want to die, then of course suicide is the answer!

How moronic do people get?
Just kill yourself and your wish is granted, goddammit.

Only retarded persons who want attention would ask such a question.
Fucking not serious about their wish.

I hate that!

If you just look at the way the question is phrased, you see, that it's just a poor and lame pretence to get attention.

From the question you already see, that the questioner wants to hear, 'No, don't do that! There are always other ways too solve your problems. There are people around who LOVE you and are willing to help you no matter what. You're only too frustrated to see!

If you seriously want to die then go on and suicide, if you're not sure about it, then you clearly want to live, or not?

So whatever bothers you, fucking get your ass moving and do sth about it.

The kind of people who need to ask such dumb questions in forums just make desperate efforts to gain other people's concern to feel appreciated or even noticed.

Not, that it's ridiculous to have some no-life wannabe psychologists on the other side of the globe, neglecting their own family for internet stuffs, to talk some smart ass shit about everybody and his dog.

It's also totally pathetic to yearn for a complete stranger's sympathy.
Or should I say, pity?

Come on, where is everbody's pride?!

I can't believe it, how so many people are soo wimpy and retarded.

On the other hand, have you ever thought about the best suicide method?

Ok, I know this question is a bit strange, bt many people think about such things.
(Like how should the perfect murder be done? If I were to run away from home now, how could I survive w/ 10 dollars? ...)

The most retarded way is like starving yourself to death.
I mean, why suffer for like weeks until you reached your goal?

And even if you won't suffer while you're starving (which is ridiculous), why wait for so long?

Also, I think at any case suffocating in whatever way is also stupid.

Because it takes some time to die like that AND whoever tried to hold their breath under water, knows how unbearable it gets after some time.

Shooting yourself is also rather unsuited, because, pulling the trigger needs a lot of courage (ok, depends on your despair degree, but still) AND most impotant the chance is that you even won't be dead, after having a bullet in your brain.

Another way is jumping from a skyscraper/ in front of a train,etc.
Ok, first of all you need a lot of courage again.
Then, the time until you fall and actually hit the floor/ are teared into 3 pieces by a train seems to be making everything needlessly painful and also needlessly prolongs the time until you reach your long-awaited death.
And, you could even survive that, fail.

Poison is actually quite good.
But there are different kinds of poison of course.

I wouldn't drink detergents or any of that stuff meant to be used for housework, because - although it kills you - you could suffer like for hourse or I dunno how long, and just imagine you drink that stuff, and get convulsions for ages until you die~

Much better is alcohol or medicine. I don't think that's very painful, but again, how long will it take you to die?
Eventually someone will find you and rescues you (which doesn't really belong to the plan).

So best is you take some poison, which is meant to kill people.
I also think that it's better to drink it, instead of injecting the poison, because - again - it's so painful.

LOL. Yeah, you want to die, but still think about the PAIN?! Get fucking serious!!

Yeah, back to the topic.

I absolutely hate people who behave in this weak and obvious way.
That they are seeking advice on the internet just makes them even more pathetic then they already are.

If someone would ever ask me I want to die, is suicide the answer?, I'd say YES

Okays, I gonna watch Sailormoon now! It's super Love!

Chu, Ailing

P/s: btw, 2nd hit for I'm super ugly and I don't have any option except suicide what should I do? is sth about apple launching a new product!
LMFAO! talking about apple sucks


  1. i don't think suiciders really care about the way they die

  2. i don't think suiciders really care about the way they die