Thursday, 7 July 2011

Juicy Pool.

Roly Poly - T-ara

I feel like sitting down, have a nice cup of tea and just blog

The icon is so pretty, how it's creating the feeling of a happy, sunny summer day

I noticed that at some point of time I stopped blogging with the same attitude I had some years ages ago

Actually I even had/have a diary, but that's just sleeping in its hideout.
In former times, when I was actually too small to have serious thoughts, which I could note down in a diary to preserve them for future generations, I used it like everday.

And today I wonder what I would write in it, if I wanted to write sth in it

At the moment life is super easy on me.
No stress, no anything

I could just simply enjoy it, but I don't (and as I am writing this, I have to think of one single person, who could read this, but that would be... horrible!)

I wonder why can't I just lean back and enjoy life

I always need something to do, you could say I am restless.
There always has to be something, which gives my life sense, sth in the form of education or whatever would make me move on in life.
I actually think that's sad somehow.

So, what I have been doing is scrab-booking like hell!
And I love it!
You know, I used to decorate my diary with lots and lots of stickers and so on, and now I am doing the same with my appointments book.

I'm noting interesting stuffs in it, write poems, sketching...
And of course sticking in cool things.

The other thing I am doing is reading. (boring)
I kind of forgot how to read. I used to read so much when I was around 11-12 years old.
Right now I am reading, too, but maybe it's because of the books, that I am not too captivated.

Then I am trying to learn how to do a lot of nice hair styles.
But I think my hair is a bit too short or so.
For some hair styles it won't be voluminous enough.
Whatever, I am getting better. And since I got a digital perm, my hair has also more grip.

What I also like to do is cooking!
Now that I am staying at home, I really want to do something good for my family members.
The problem is that I don't want to spend that much money on the ingridients.

The last big project I set about if finally finish furnishing my room. OTL
What I need is some furniture (a wardrobe amongst others), doing some paintwork and throwing some stuffs away.
I decided to spend all my money on my room.
Since I got time, I should really get started!

Somehow, it's really really too bad that we don't use all the time we have efficiently enough.
And with efficient, I don't mean being productiv, I rather mean not wasting it instead. Using it in a away that give us a feeling of having done sth good for ourselves or for others
Do you know the quote “The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” by Betrand Russell. That's what I mean.

But it's also summer.
(Well, sometimes it's raining so much that you could think it's autumn)
The days are so hot, maybe I should have ice cream instead of thinking too much

Btw, talking about summer and stuff.
I wonder if I got a tan in Vietnam. I think my arms and legs are browner, but my face doesn't seem that brown~ On the other hand I used/use some sort of whitening mist each day.
Although,... as if a mist (or toner) could be that effective in bleaching skin.

LoL, the thing is... I'm continuing this entry like a few days later then I started it and I must say I'm not so happy anymore (wtf, did I just ruin your mood? don't let me ruin it!)
Cuz sth happened. ᅲᅲ (ignore)

Actually, I think I'm sad right now. For real lah~

Whatever you dun believe me anyways

Wait. In case that crazy no life smelly life chic is still stalking my blog, I shall emphasize, that I'm still having a much happier life than her *pseudo pride*

Ok, I understand if noone takes me serious. FML

Whatever, my plans changed (so much to planning)

I think I wanna go back to Asia. Whether I'd be alone (most probably) or w/ anyone.
At the beginning I thought I'd like to go to China.
Then I thought, why not Korea?

Now, Korea is still far ahead, but China got a lot more interesting.

Firstly, because you know Chinese statesmen (ok, that may a bit understated since I also mean the president (he is called president, right?)) are visiting Germany right now and have signed many important bussiness contracts with German companies.

I rather like the idea of an emerging Asian power, because I feel that many people just think of some Japanese/Chinese clichés when they hear 'Asia'
Noone heard about Kpop or Asian dramas before, instead they are listening to Selena Gomez or Adela wtf~

On the other hand, I don't like it at all that China is such an impudent country
With their cocky demeanor they represent exactly those Asians, which I detest to death. The Hun, I'm rich and can do everything I want attitude.
Although they neither got sense for fashin (ok, they got, bt not the worst case rich ones) nor for lifestyle at all

Did you know that China is among the biggest customer for luxury goods (among Russia, Brazil and India?).
There are even crash courses in champagne savouring in France or so. (It's because Asian ppl dunno how to enjoy such things/ can't feel the taste wtf, so they have to attend courses, to brag at home)
How poor and lowlife can you get?

And there are those many ppl who are wrongly treated by the hidoi Chinese regime, sth I absolutely hate to the max. When ppl think, they can rule over others

Anyways, back to the topic.
So yeah, I still find it very exciting to experience China's prosperity (which might not be the most correct word, regarding how many poor ppl still live in China).

And also, I heard an interview with Chinese citizens and zomg I love Chinese.
Back then, I hated the sound of the language (and if your earphones suck or the volume is too loud all the zh,q,c, still sound like shit), but now I think it sounds beautiful (still find it strange to say that).

Maybe because of my trip to Singapore~
(But listening to Chinese variety shows or ad channels, I think I got a bit dumber with every sec I listened. Really you feel how it makes you retarded, cuz they talks so fast and noisy and act cute)

Yup, going back would be really nice (I know it makes no sense after what I just said, but just take both as a fact!)
(Btw what speaks against China is the great firewall - can't blog)

Of course, nth beats Korea, bt in Korea I have to contact lots of ppl first and see how long they can bear me Haha
wtf I aso bring money along lah!

Did you notice how my brain/thinking is absurdly twisted?!
Just look at the many secondary considerations I made in brackets!

It's like I think something and immediately may brain associates the thought with a gazillion of others thinks (<- nice typo LOL), which are associated again!
So damn annoying~

That even happens when someone (especially J) asks me sth, instead of answering, I'm going over a hundred options multiplied by really each possible answer (to find the most proper one) in like 10 sec and nearly always come to the conclusion, that the question isn't worth answering

So, I'm not answerin at all, thus J repeats his question a few times (the repeated questions will be blocked by my brain, cuz problem solved already!) until after like 6 times asking, I suddenly notice it and yell I don't care. No idea, wtfbbq

It really pisses me off, cuz I can't blog properly.
At least, it's hard to make my posts unconfusing and give everything a logical connection


3rd continuation (same day bt now at noon): not sad anymore, normal instead resp. dunno how to feel~

It's starting to get effin windy atm. Means effin storm is coming up
Means my internet connection will get laggy LOL

Chu, Ailing

P/s: I love the dance of the song I linked above!
It's so funny! I always love how Korean girlbands pull off their whole nonsense concept to absolute perfection! From clothes, to hair style, makeup and dance moves.
Even the gay dude Haha
And the oldschool dance moves are hilarious
Big point of criticism: It sucks big time how every girl band NEEDS a rap part in every song (even it consists only of two English phrases), so they must force on in. wtf the despair and efforts they are making just to squeeze that rap part in is so ridiculous!


  1. the shitty 'i like you too' popup is so damn fckin annoying and the shitty music annoys the shit out of me.

  2. loolzz hope it doesn't smell that much shithead

    honestly, why reading my blog anyways?

  3. jaa, unterwäsche rocks :) oder kurz unter die eiskalte dusche und dann rumliegen und abkühlen :D
    jaa, bin ein riese für ne asiatin o.O
    <3 summer