Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I K E M E N.

Actually this was supposed to be part of the contents of another blog entry, but I decided to blog it this time.

I'm so fat!

Actually, I'm skinnier than before, but - I fell victim to the herd instinct, which can quite easily take our soul.
Especially in fashion or to be more precise ulzzang circles it quickly and easily developpes a dangerous momentum of its own.

What do you expect? After all, I'm a weak earthling HaHa

Anyways, I'm over 50kg, which is comparable to slaughter baby bunnies or~ weighing 100kg.

I used to not care much about the actual figure of my weight, as long as my figure looks, ok, but (SUPER GENIOUS PUN!!! OMG)
that effin changed!

I can't fucking be weighing more than 50kg!!!
And that's because, no, no no no Uljjang weighs more than 50kg ma~

I think I once saw one, just a single one who was 170 tall and she tipped the scales at 50.

But, I'm not 170 and even if I were, I could try to make 1kg less to have a super cute 4 at the front right hor? LOL

I'm dieting for quite some time now (not really HaHa) and I lost some pounds, however I stopped at 50+

My main insurmountable problem is dinner!!!

I can't really skip it, right?
(I dare to say that I could - like serious dinner only every two days, but why the heck would I forgo good food?!)

In the evening, you're mostly at home (or out with friends, which basically has the same consequences), you're bored and your instincts - having been trained on evening food-intake all your life - craaave for food!

What the fuck can my weak weak resolution do against such reckless desire?

Truly, even if I tried to take my meal in the afternoon, there would be some sort of lack in the evening, a hole in my course of the day, which needs to be filled.

After some time of meditating about this immemorial problem, I came to two conclusions:

  • either I need to stuff myself during daytime, so that I simply can't eat anymore in the evening

  • or I must get more active

  • So, basically what I'm thinking about trying to do is... both
    Double Effect lah!

    I never thought that I'd say this, but I really really need to exercise!

    The other day I tried to sprint to catch a train and, the experience was just WOW! I barely managed to walk!

    Ok, actually I ran ran ran while thinking, I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead, OMG, I'm dead!
    The feeling was very degrading!!!
    I felt like a disgrace to evolution~

    Until now, I succesfully ignored my conscience, which kept telling me it would be better to be fitter, even if only as an end in itself.

    2nd topic: I suddenly feel like I'm very bold!

    (because I feel like I shouldn't reveal any identites in here, although that probably makes me even more retarded and act fame, I shall introduce the alias Ikemen LMFAO)

    So, I stumpled upon this vid of Ikemen some days years ago, actually it's an ad for a perfume.
    And you know, he has this certain Oguri Shun flair around him, like he's tall, lanky somehow and has this Oguri Shun face. And hairstyle somemore. Like black hair with asymmetrical cut.
    Also his voice is deep and very mysterious-ish.

    But the best thing about him was, he's a Japanese w/ British accent!

    I effin love this accent, it sounds so high class lah!
    And I love Japanese man, they are so stylish, it kills you. They are like oozing out vibration!

    Another reason why this combo is overkill is: Hellsing!
    This epic anime, set in London! ♥

    I decided to stalk Ikemen for some time and found his facebook!
    But he wouldn't accept my friend request!!!

    For some days, I observed him and actually he accepted other guys, who seem to be models, too LOL

    Then one meaningful evening I was super bored and he had accepted some more model-ish looking guys again!
    I went ranting on my twitter and started to whine around to my friend, why he won't accept me~ And that I'm a girl! And that he's older than me (so he's my oppa and must treat me nice) (Asian view of things - must not understad) (and some more shit)

    I even purposely opened my facebook page, so he could read what I wrote and accept me out of pity lah!

    Then, I cancelled my friend request and promptly sent a new one (yes, I'm a jerk LOL).

    Then suddenly he accepted!
    For 10min I felt holy~ And super superior!

    Well, a few days later, he linked his twitter account and told ppl to join him.
    I was retarded enough to comment with 'u follow back meh?'

    And you know what? He did.
    (of course I aso follow him!)

    So, now I'm feeling a little like an ass~
    Like, I make him do all kind of retarded stuffs (and here I don't intend to sound wannabe sorry, while in reality I want to brag abt it leh!)

    Luckily I didn't make Ikemen read my blog yet or I couldn't talk about how I feel about this whole story!

    Anyways, next I gonna make Kanye West retweeting a I love FT Island!!! tweet by me!
    (see, I am so unselfish, I even help FT Island to obtain world-wide fame!

    Unfortunately he unfriended and unfollowed me again! Haha easy come not really, easy go

    But, since I'm not really a easy to deal with girl, I messaged him, askng what the heck he thinks he's doing - No answer.

    Ikemen is meeaaaaaannnn~

    And to come back to HELLSING: 9th Hellsing Ultimate OVA tomorrow FEB 15 !!!

    OMG they took over a year for OVA VIII and this time only 6 month or so!

    Furthermore, I'm totally into Dragonball/Z again.

    I LOVE SON GOHAN SO MUCH. He's the bravest boy ever ㅠㅠ

    And I like Trunks (though not one of my favs), because he loves his bastard of a father, although Vegeta looks down on him so much.
    Trunks is so awesome!

    Here's Hellsing Ep 1 1/3 for you! Gotta spread the Love LOL (although this ep is totally unrelated to the OVAs, which I'm talking about and the subject of the OVAs are much more awesome)

    That's it for nao!

    Chu, Ailing

    P/s: I know that today is Valentine's Day - nevertheless

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