Thursday, 22 March 2012

你 的 口 红颜色 太过主动.

公主病 - 周杰倫

Nice titel pic what? I have so many stocks, but am mostly too lazy to edit lah~
This one I wanted to use for the longest time, cuz it's so unique! I think it's from ViVi (most of the Gyaru title pics are).

Anyways, the only reason I'm here blogging and not curing my insomnia, is because ASOS decided to not accept my coupon code.
Which is ridiculous and outrageous, because I was about to buy the last piece in my size, why you suddenly like this meh?

So now, I'm condemned to sit here and wait for their twitter or email reply while updating my shopping cart every 1h, cuz that's as long as the item will be reserved whenever you put it in the cart, in brief:
Welcome to my fantastic life!!

Somehow the shopping god seems to hate me, only yesterday when I went to the bank my card didn't work lah, and I dunno why but suddenly this bank clerk had to butt in and determined that my card was broken! He invoked a pair of scissors and snap! my beloved card (which had a real nice code somemore!) was in two!

The worst thing is that the fatigue is dying me!
So hard that my stomach hurts!

At least I can use the time to rant a bit.

Among the people I hate most, STUPID PARENTS rank very high!
Moronic shitheads who think their children are gods of a new era wtf~

Some days ago I was at Mc D's and a woman bought a Happy Meal for her 4 -5 yr old son.
When she got the Happy Meal bag she looked inside and with a act cute sulky baby-ish voice said Don't you have any sweets?


Why make your voice retarded like that?
You 10 years old is it?
Your son will die cuz of no sweets is it?
For fuck you need them?

You fucking want to eat yourself or how?

Not even her son was retarded enough to cry for fucking sweets, but his ding dong mother buay paiseh like that fhl~
What's wrong with you?!

I'm sure he already gets enough sweets anyways and also, sweets aren't even healthy!!!

So why for fucksake must her son get sweets?

Is the joy he will experience when getting the sweets so longlasting and beneficial that it makes him intelligenter, live longer, healthier or a happier individual or in any way a better person?!

Or will it just be another point on your List of fucktarding Do's to turn your child into a self-absorbed moron?!

Why must some parents be obsessed with their offsprings to the point where they lose every sense of reality?!
Why MUST their kids get whatever the world can yield?!

Your kid will neither live or die cuz of sweets, toys, praise, clothing wtf!
They will also neither live or die cuz of fat or salty food, preservatives, too much TV and too few books!

Fucking open your eyes and do us all (cuz we are the one your prone-to-be-damn-full-of-himself brat will pester later) and yourself (unless you wish to end up living with the personlised devil) and your children a favour: STOP THE SPOILING!

If you are Asian and have a son, think twice about my words!

The world would be a so much better place w/o assholey social misfits that you create out of your love-blindness!

I understand that all of us want to raise children with the method of education that we deem is best, but 1stly that doesn't mean it is really the best and 2ndly that doesn't make our kids perfect beings.

And now, because @Asos_HeretoHelp hasn't replied me yet (bt several other persons) and the email staff also seems to be quite busy, I provide you with some fashion inspo from Vivi April!
(images clickable!)

My god why am I in such a generous, philantropic mood today? (my brain must die on me already due to sleepiness) Must be like Christmas already here!


Looks super cutey dreamy romantic with a touch of a preppy and sporty feel!

where to buy: Junkfood, Local Celebrity, and check ebay out!

I don't know why the models I hate get to wear these looks!
The brown-haired girl is called Yukina I think, and I fucking hate her put-on doe-eyed gaze, her western appearance and her uber fail poses. She's just untalented as a model!
Also her name is serious... I don't like that name LOL


I think this looks totally yummy and fresh and summery.

where to buy: asos, topshop, hm, zara (will) also sell (I guess)

And here Sara-Mary (if that's her name) is over-featured! I hate her super western appearance, which is just cold. Then she got this peroxide blonde hair color somemore! Dislike! (That's also why I cut half of her face out in the right centre pic!)

Oh and Lena looks absolute fab on the left centre pic! She actually wears a cute updo with a petrol blue bow! And the pose, it absolutely flaunts her awesome body! (ok that's enough praising for the next couple o' years)

Why did I hardly see Mitsuki in this issue?
I like her best out of all ViVi Models, beause she looks cute, is funny and - wait for it - she is 100% Japanese (didn't I tell you I'm racist somehow?).
Also her name is not wannabe européen (like Sara-Mary, Elli Rose or wtf-else)

To sport these looks I purchased a lilac coloured pair of jeans on Asos (yes said last item) and a Local Celeb tee ytd.

of course the trouser pic stolen from asos my ass
And yes I fucking love cheeseburgers! And fries! There's a IFries tee, too!

Lena Fuji wears it and it's quite cute, except it's blue (not very compatible to me) and super ex! Also uber high shipping costs~ Relatively

What I still need is those patterned stuff, can't find anything though!
And I need a pastell colored jacket, aso can't find!

And now the circle is closing down.
We arrived back at the beginning, namely the FASTFOOD IS LOVE message!!

You may not have noticed, but like a golden thread the topic fast food ran through this post.
Indeed, well planned!

Now then, Courage, my heart, take leave and fare thee well!

Ailing Chu

P/s: I aso dunno what the heck happen to me towards the end!
Must be my lack of sleep~

P/s/s: Have I ever extolled Jay Chou's newest album? I always love his witty lyrics and thoughtful MVs.
There's a song called Ultra Racing Goddess and the lyrics are just hilarious!
Here are some parts I like (translated as best as I could and put into a different context for this)

The colour of your lipstick is too bold
The eyeshadow of your smokey eyes is so thick
Don't entice me!

You painted hearts on your crystal nails,
and run your fingers through your long hair.

While you concentrate on applying mascara
I am concentrated on waiting for you to smile.

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