Monday, 12 March 2012

ユニコーン x キラキラ x NEBULA

Go Away (Jap ver) - 2NE1

I'm back from a trip to Frankfurt/Germany, to meet up with あかね, who came over from Japan.

She was nice enough to get me a copy from the April issue of JELLY magazine.
Serious, one of the best front covers ever.

AND YES, I can haz an ultra cute-omantic dreamy fairy tale UNICORN CURSOR w/ GLITTER COMING OUT OF HIS HORN!!
suck it up!

Back to the topic, since she liked 山P so much, I just spent hours curing my stomach pain watching his vids, and of 錦戸亮 who is my actual NEWS fav!

ah~ イケメン!

A propos, celeb crush, her boyfriend's bro is a member of Sexy Zone.
You guys know this band?

The youngest member Yo Marius, is half-German, half-Japanese and - wait for it - 11 years old!

I wonder what his parents (especially German father) thought when the agency accepted him Haha

She also met more or less every ViVi model already (including Miliyah Kato) I'm Jelly LOL.

We went sightseeing a bit and dropped by at American Apparel's (where I found nth worth buying as usual), Urban Outfitters' and Hollister.
Their store is really beautiful, the windows show live scenes from some beach in the US. It was only damn crowded and - despite being uber popular in Japan - I think their stuffs are meh.

sweater Urban Outfitters / jeans Motel Rocks / headband Rowky / everything else DUNNO

I got the Urban Renewal sweater for 20+ bucks Ha! It's super alternative ViVi style! It's super heavy and therefore 精品 (Asian wisdom)!
The jeans I bought via asos for a great price also! (nice english hor!) You can still buy them on their own site or via Topshop for example, but not for the same price I payed! Which was less than half of the actual price!
(Pattern) Printed jeans kick ass so you gotta stock up now! I love them!!
And the spiked headband is my fav accessory now! I mentioned them in my previous post!
As for the nail color, I think it's the most beautiful I own. I think I got it from some cheap China store, the color is something like this, fruity red!

On the train my friend and I had an uber long argument about Mouri Ran VS Haibara Ai.

My frn likes Ran, because she is nice, while all other female leads are normal quite bitchy.
Agreed, but that doesn't really make Ran special, because she is unrealistically nice, which makes her a stereotypical anime figure again.

Ai is also a stereotype, but I think, her character is more individual than others. I think she has more personality.
I like that she's not friendly and all, because serious, friendly Ran is boring. (The only thing that isn't boring about Ran is her karate, which she obviously only can, to restrict her boringness)

Also, Ai is far more intelligent and thus a better partner for Shinichi. If there's a murder case, Ai will be much more likely to catch up with Shinichi's thoughts and won't stand in his way, she is even able to help him!

Ran is always totally overwhelmed by Shinichi's actions, super slow and nobody who has a lifestyle like Shinichi can allow himself to drag her along all the time.

I thought up a relationship plan for the important Detective Conan characters some time ago.

My solutions are much better than the happenings in the anime/manga!!

The only persons who end up w/o a relationship according to my idea are Prof. Agasa and Genta (sorry but Agasa is just too old and Genta is too fat and stupid)

So here goes:

  • Conan + Ai / Shinichi + Shiho
  • Dr. Araide + Ran
  • Heiji + Kazua (meh, bt can't find other one)
  • Kaito Kid + his girl
  • Mitsuhiko + Ayumi
  • Kogoro + Eri
  • Takagi + Yumi
  • Shiratori + Sato

If, according to the anime Shinichi and Ran end up together, Ai/Shiho will be forever alone.
Plus, Shiratori and Yumi (and Yumi is just too cute ok?, she is so much better for Takagi, because they are both cute!!!)
If you add Genta and Agasa that makes 5 sad existences!!!

You could also count Araide in, so it makes 6.

My plan is just better in whatever way you look at it.

And btw: They make such an awesome couple - visual-wise!

(ワウ!I didn't know about this OVA, ぜんぜんしらなかった! - must watch!

I could go on for hours posting pics of Conan x Ai, but yeah~ noone's interested, so I gotta leave it at that. しかたがねだろう~?

Finally, I shall first do my 2nd αʹ☆zillion list.

If you are wondering what they are, they are just a collection of stuffs that are directly related to my personality, cuz I'm not only racist, but also self-absorbed to infinity and back.

This time it's αʹ☆zillion boy-ish facts about me, i.e. things about me that are totally un-girly and super boy-ish. I think there are quite many! I'm so un-girlish with soo many things~

  • I fucking dislike any love-themed story. Means mainly almost every book and movie and series and anime with a love couple! (ok, dislike is the wrong word, there is no dislike in my life, only HATE, thus I hate said)
    Worst are rom-coms! Love stories are retarded only - and just not funny okay?!
    I totally hate how cheap love stories are! That's also the reason why I have never watchend any Korean drama! and I hope I never will!*

  • On top of that - I liike Martial Arts movies!!!
    Action movies are also ok, bt there are many boring ones! I like historical Asian movies, too! And I truly watch them for the fighting scenes! My fav fighting scene is still the one from 霍元甲 / Fearless where Jet Li and Master Qin fight and Jet Li eventually breaks Qin's ribs (and heart and every bone around it or so). But I guess if I rewatched a few scenes from 葉問/ Ip Man, I could change my mind.
    I also like Lord Of The Rings, I know so many scenes by heart, I like 300, I like Matrix, I like the Fast and Furious stuff, etc etc you get it

  • Hellsing!
    ok I get it, there are probably 1000s of sadistic 日本freak girls out there who like Hellsing, but I am different okay? I like how Alucard effing kills all the Nazi-lowlife vampires and tears them into pieces!

  • I eat super fast! Embarassingly fast!
    I eat faster than men who served in the army!!!

  • I don't care if anyone wears the same stuff as me and I don't understand why others care
  • I'm mostly too lazy to care for hair do and make-up
  • I'm a total bro! serious~

  • Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Digimon, and all the shit, I watched it all! Ok, I take it back, DB/Z is in fact DA SHIT
    Naruto, Bleach, One Piece cannot really count in, since it's too mainstream, but I watch(ed) lah!
    I even watched Captain Tsubasa/ Super Kickers 2006 ok! I know each shot (Hyuga's tiger shot, Tsubasa's topspin, Napoleon's cannon shoot, etc) just by the noise they make!!! Need no more words!

  • I know and use damn many male insider jokes and movie quotes (like 'This is Spartaaa!' or 'Spartans! Tonight we'll dine in hell!' or 'Fly, you fools' or fuck the touching stuff Sam says at Osgiliath)

  • I enjoy watching football (soccer for idiots) and boxing! Let's get ready to rumble!
    I even like watching Wrestlemania, but only because it's so retarded Haha. (My fav is Cody Rhodes, bt only because he's the most handsome one, sry! he reminds me of Captain Blue from the Red Ribbon Army Hahaha). I even know how their attacks are called!

  • I hate long phone convos. They suck! I'm always being as brief and straight as possible on the phone. Seriously can't be bothered.

  • Also, long-winded convos about relationship problems etc. I'm totally not that kind of person who likes to turn problems over and over. My advices are always clear and once and for all. I don't suddenly change my oppinion, because you a telling me how you feel for the 5th time!
    I don't get why everyone likes to wallow in their misery

*I started Fullhouse just for the sake of it, but when Rain and the girl started to like each other and Rain's Hyung was about to make his move, I stopped!
I also watched The Notebook some time ago with A and on of her friends. And I think there's a scene where この女 was already becoming senile and she walkes down a street or so, right? I screamed Come on, just get yourself run over! A. was so shocked ww (I also compared the guy to Jesus)

I'm afraid, I can't think of anymore facts, but I think there are...

Next time is either, αʹ☆zillion girlish facts about me, or -reasons why I'm racist (I actually don't like it at all, but I gotta be honest over this...).

that's it, またね!

Chu, Ailing

P/S: I just noticed my two last posts' title start with キラキラ (_ _)
Gonna change that now!

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