Thursday, 1 March 2012

キラキラの夢の中で 僕たちは約束をした.

GLITTER - Perfume

Again a fashion update (please pronounce fashion japanese or korean style while you read this with your inner voice!)

This time I'd like to show you all these uber cool spiked headbands!

I've seen them on Japanese idol Miliyah Kato and instantly fell in love.
I love this woman, her fashion sense is INSANE !!!

ok, I thought she wore one in her Baby! Baby! Baby! MV, but obviously - she doesn't

But fret not, she wore sth similar for her shop KAWI JAMELE (everything clickable)

I love it!
I love how it adds a hint of punk-rock-feeling and also, it kinda makes you look like The Statue of Liberty o((*^▽^*))o ゲラゲラゲラ

And, isn't she pretty!
It's amazing how she got on, especially the hair color, really looks guurreat on her. (although she died her ends some neon-ish color recently)

It was quite hard to track down this kind of headband (ok, am I retarded, or why do I always want to have things that are close to impossible to find??)
Until now, I only saw Miliyah sporting these and - surprise - models of Korean goth/punk shops!

(yes, they are available from some handicraft freaks or haute couture sellers - ridiculous pricing
and DIY?! - I'm not as free as some of you*)

I got mine from bloodycat

More eye candy from rowky. Images clickable.

Oh and I did found Western ppl with these headbands (on rowky)

I prefer Korean/Japanese version.
Cause I'm racist like that.

Talking about spiked hair accesories, how do you find these cool combs?

Looks a bit like a Stegosaurus, doesn't it? Kinda cute!
I don't really think it's worth being (yet), but well if you like them and have too much free time, check out the DIY (left) or buy from Maison Michel(right) if you have too much money.

Chu, Ailing

P/s: *冗談ですよ!