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कभी ख़ुशी कभी ग़म

最後の羅針盤 - 熊木杏里

I can haz used an Indian Title! Indian (Hindu or beats me fml) letters look shiok what?
It's the title of the movie Sometimes Happy Sometimes Sad and I love it!

I don't understand why people (like my mother) hate all Indian movies, just because their plot is lame.
I myself hate love stories, but this one is so much more than just a love story!
Just see how much effort they put in - the costums, the singing, the dancing are marvelous!

Anyways, as you can see from the title pic and the icon: SPRING HAS COME

I'm an undercover emo - actually - but since last year, I really enjoy the sun and the bright colors and how it makes everyone happy!
saying this makes me feel very self degrading

I often go for a walk now (semi weight reducing measurement) and it just feels good! Can literary feel how the sun makes me feel better about everything!
wow that was overkill

Recently the thought of getting A NEW PHONE has really grown and grown inside my head and now I can't get it out anymore~

At first it was only fancy idea, but now I'm so serious about it.

Firstly, my LG Lollipop is too old school already! No WLAN, crappy cam (but got front cam at least), screen is small and more important:

My crazy baba broke it! On purpose!
She smashed my beloved phone onto the floor! Even if I wouldn't use it anymore, it would be so nice too just look at it, but no... cannot.
All I see is sadness reflecting on the broken case TT TT

And what phone would a 21st century girl, with a true awesome taste, true high technical demand and true awareness pick?

Of course it must be a Samsung phone what?

Blackberries are also nice, but I doubt about the future success of Blackberry, so better not...

HTC is also a good brand, but hmm.. not so popular, also their designs are mostly to manly. Not suitable for vain girls

(We don't need to mention Nokia and other brands here, do we?
LG Cyon (if that still exists) has super cute phones, but haven't heard of them for a while...
Nokia sounds like shit and errr Motorola? Haha)

When I first decided to buy a Samsung phone, the thought of having to abandon the Apple app store hurt a bit.
I mean it is just the biggest app store atm!!!

But J reassured me by saying, Apple's app store is confirmed doomed to fail! Companies like to work with others much more than with apple! They ain't as complicated!

Infected with his brilliant farsightedness I replied, Hai! Hai! I hope Android is becoming more like Firefox la! Like more user-involved and open-source-ish! Can add 1000s of cute skins and add-ons what! Those strategies are always more succesful!

Thanks for opening my eyes!

I seriously am thinking that Apple is a soon-to-go, because it has exploited enough of its we are so exclusive image.

Apple products are way too mainstream now to seriously maintain this image and soon it will occur to everyone that people who use iProduts just because of the brand, are just lame beyond belief.

Seriously most teenage dumbasses who own the iPhone don't even now, why they are supposed to own a superior phone.
But still anticipating the next one as if was their firstborn?!

Next point: iTunes?
Why? Why would I - the autonomous user- want to subject myself to such a stupid whim of a stupid company? While every other phones works with drag and drop?! Why?
I don't see any reason for the existence of iTunes, except that Apple thinks it makes them unique. I want to see them eat this uniqueness.

And - no bluetooth!!!
No filesharing!!!

HUH? Why? What... Why do you think that's a good idea?!
I can't even~

It's because of Apple, that people now don't even know that every kind of file can be transferred from phone to phone just via bluetooth!!!
I remember back in the good old days, even games could be send to another person!!!

Then I also hate how Apple glorifies itself.

All the stupid slogans and Steve Jobs quotes, please just grow up~

The retarded marketing with new products being on constant sell-out, because it was impossible for their brilliant heads to anticipate that the demand would be sooooo high. Yeah sure.
It only happened 2578.34.56589 times before~

The absolutely dumb, staged media conferences where they introduce their newest invention whatsoever.

Or also, how they keep their inventions and details about their specs a secret. It's ridiculous, because it's like they desperately want to seem very intangible and myth-enshrouded~
Why so cheap?

Why would I, a proud thinking being, let myself fall for such cheap tricks?
And thus count myself to one among thousands of brainless morons?

Thanks, no!!!

Of course must go with Samsung!

Samsung is a Korean company. This should be enough for everyone to understand why to buy Samsung products, but I know - must of you are still pretty clueless about life~

Samsung's technology is also good okay?
It's an Asian company and Asians are always better at everything, didn't you know?

The arguement that Apple's technology is better is absolutely irrelevant, because I can talk shit all day long, w/o explaining anything, too!

Processor of iPhone 4S: A5 processor
Processor of Samsung Galaxy SII: 1,2 GHz Dual Core

What the fuck is the A5 processor? I tell you - we will never know.

Anyways, a dual core processor is already damn fast and too good for most of us, but Blackberry and HTC even work with Quad Cores okay? There's no need for Apple!!!

The OS of most Samsung phones is Android.
I don't know so much about Android, but what I know is Android 2.3's official name is Gingerbread
and the name of 4.0 is Ice Cream Sandwich !!!!

Super cute onot?!
It's enough for me love it and it's just purrrfect for princesses!!!!

What I also now about Android is that you don't need iTunes (a gazillion of plusses for that).

You can change the theme of your phone (yes, Apple users can't even imagine what that is Haha) and you can change your ringtones, etc, too.

Yes, you can do that too, with the iPhone, but does Apple offer you to do it?!

So many iOS updates already since they started, but, did they ever enable you to change the ringtone? No, must get stupid app to do it...

Talking about changing the theme seems already presumptuous, but I think forcing us girls to use this steel grey fucking wannabe-futurstic minimalistic-ish design, which some ugly dude thought off in the 80s or so, that is really presumptuous.

And Apple is overpriced.

Don't You want to be an Ulzzang, too?

I'm thinking about getting the Galaxy Note !!!!
In BERRY PINK somemore!!!

I recently dissociated with pink a bit, but come on, a pink phone?! My Lollipop was pink and it was freaking nice!
Also pink, will sure attract more attention!

Even when I'm not using a cover (which I probabaly have to do, because, there ain't many cute covers for the Note~ NAZE DA?!) it will look very chio!
Or should I bling it lor?!

But I guess, they won't sell it in pink overseas, so I'd have to ask one of my Sing friends to buy for me, which I can't do LOL
It's WHITEthen!!!!

The Galaxy Note is super cheap already, because it's so old~
Normally I don't like to buy old phones, I actually wait for the newest one to be released and buy that one instead, but I guess this time I'm going to be cheap.
Since, there isn't any sucessor announced for it yet and I can't wait forever, can I?

This loops is necessary

There's one thing though which bugs me about the Note (as well as other newer phones) ! You can't attach cute, vain pendants to them anymore!
They just abolished this litte loop!

One more reason to find a cute case (and by cute I mean Korean!) Why? Because, ingenious Koreans (God bless us vain Asians) discovered this tragic matter and sell cases with a loop lah!!!
Awesome onot?

Related to this:

Who would invent sth like this if not us pseudo-aesthetic Asians please?

In case you don't understand, what you see is a thingy which can be plugged into the hole for earphones! Uber cute!

These are winders for earphone cables!

If Western people ever developped sth like this, it would be black or grey, but never shaped like a pink doughnut!!!

The end!

I will get my mom to pay me parts of the new phone! At least 100 bucks! She owes me the whole phone actually !!!

Chu, Ailing

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