Thursday, 24 May 2012

AFKN Update.

사랑과 전쟁 - 다비치

Fuck my blog is going down the shitters!

To mark my long-awaited comeback I used a rather unusual (for me) album title!
If you noticed, normally I used v wanna-be poetic stuffs!

Erm, I have nothing to tell you all. Seriously sorry about that.
That means I have no pics too, but I shall decorate with awesome Miliyah Kato pics to show you all her awesomeness!
She's really very inspirational and pretty and talented! Super envious of her!

(I just noticed that I was a bit over-enthu here, I made 9 pics wtf! But she's just so drop dead gorgeous)
All the pics are clickable btw! And credits to Miliyah Kato's blog! Please check it out for high-res versions!!!!

Cy (aka Chinatsu, aka C.) is making her trip to Japan and I'm trying to put a list of things together which she could get me, w/o making it too buay paiseh!

I'm mostly interested in Liz Lisa stuff, although I don't like that brand! But their bags are ok and their little junk stuff sort of things.

Then I want Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice stuff! Too cute to resist, but their luggage tag/ charm things are 5000JPY already can? So ex man!
At first I wanted a HbG bag too maybe, but it seems that right now they only have ugly things *sob*

Other than that she can go crazy about temple charms and other knickknack and snacks, god knows there's enough of that in Asia~

She's going to visit the Kansai area. I'd really love to see that, too, but my main goal for Japan would be Tokyo of course!
I really think that visiting Japan without seeing Tokyo is like you didn't see Japan at all!!
And Tokyo got so many nice places to shop at OMG~

But unfortunately, radiation is still so high in the area of Tokyo that people say you can't/shouldn't get pregnant for the next 10 (or 5) years after your visit! Crazy!
Too bad I'm not old enough to risk that!

A quite new pic from Miliyah in London. Dress is from Topshop or Motel Rocks I think.
I love her in these pics, because she looks a bit different than usual. More grown-up, a bit Brigitte Bardot-ish.

Talking about London. I'd like to go to a short trip to Paris or London (omg and maybe meet Miliyah there?), but none of my friends have the money or the time orz

It's been some time since I've been to Paris and last time I didn't even have the time to shop! I really need to see this city again!
Maybe I'm going to drag J along? Would be fun (maybe)

Travelling is really fun, you don't need to spend a lot of money! There are many ways to stay v budget on focus on other things.
It would be cool to drag half of my family along, maybe?

My mother can not, cuz it's already time for her annual seaside trip bah~

Also taken in London! Awesome 80s feel!
I especially love Miliyah's hair! She always pulls of the most breath-taking styles!

I hate it that my frns are so low-budget and not spontanious like me!
I'm always super easily excited and impulsive~

If I start to think of something, it always ends inceptive! The thought grows and grows inside my head (in a split second Haha) and before they know I'm like super annoying and nagging everyone I know to join me in my crazy plan!

The same happened when I wanted to go to Paris.
In the end, I made an agreement to a trip to Italy in summer, which is totally not what I wanted in the first place LOL

See what I mean with the hair? So creative and cool! Also, the unicorn plush toy is super adorable!

Back to the topic: Italy

I never wanted to go to Italy ever!
I don't know why, but somehow Via Appia and Lavazza (I know that this is so not a reason for going to Italy or not) just sound so uninteresting!
Vatican and Colosseum? Oh well~

I can't even imagine Venedig to be very interesting! The only thought I like about it is that a whole One Piece arc is set in a city like Venedig, Water 7! But Venedig don't have the Yagara Bulls right?

But as long as I didn't made any plans for my real summer trip, I can't plan the Italy one, so I'm really afraid that all the cheap and cool places will be gone ㅠㅠ

I really love these pics of Miliyah!
The big blue-blond braid is stunning, her pose too! And the little blue pics with pink hair on the right are kawaii max!

One of my biggest inceptive idea is going to one of those Asia parties in Germany!

I've been to a very lousy one some time ago. One of the worst nights/day ever Haha, A., C. and I like to call it the most failed day of all time!

The reason why I want to go to these parties are
  • it's just freaking funny to watch so many failed lifes at one place, kays?
    Got retarded pre-puberty bitches and fucked-up old pervs!!!

  • I want to see certain persons (again)!

  • That said, I'm not going there to have fun, but to undertake social studies!
    Must get VIP room and a binocular or so! Haha so fun!

    Again my not-so-crazy friends won't ever come along again~

    This is also one point which distinguishes me from many other people.

    Totally unexpected what? But still brilliant! From make-up, hair, clothing, poses, setting, everything is perfect!

    Most people are super negative or realistic about things, while I'm such a happy-go-lucky, I can't believe it!

    That's the reason why noone want to come along to another Asian party with me, because the other one was a bad experience~ How is that justified?

    C. said that she didn't like the atmosphere one the parties (which is not a reason why this night was such a failed one!)

    I must agree with her!
    The people on these parties (mostly Vietnamese and also Thai people - as I learned) are so intorably snobbish and arrogant!

    They don't show it openly, but I have noticed that Vietnamese teens are like Russians!
    Only think they are the best and only cling to their own people!

    It's not as open and relaxed as normal parties, but people are looking at you, judging you, competing with you!

    The girls are flouncing around in sky-high heels wearing dresses one tighter than the other.

    Everyone is such an unapproachable bitch!

    I've added one of her more casual pics, she was modelling for some brand. Really love her! She's so sweet~

    And if people are trying to make contact, it's most only the super sleazy kind of guys that make you feel really disgusted LOL
    Because all the other ones would never demean themselves to do so!

    Not fun at all, I tell you!
    That's why I'm intending to conduct my social studies there Hahas

    Talking about trying to get off with somebody:
    While we got ready for the party last time, A. suddenly said that she bet(ted) that some old perv gonna try and chat me up and I think C. agreed.

    And I was like, No wtf, Why?!

    And A replied that it's just so typical to happen to me.

    Which I think is right, after I've given it some thought over the past few months LOL

    Whoa~ Amazing! And I need to add that I put these pics together quite well right?

    Often (whenever?) when I go out, even just for a drink in the evening, ok even during day time sometimes, I will get creepy looks from boys/men!

    But I can't think of any fixed watershed-ish moment which made A say something like that.

    It's mostly just intensive staring at me or in restaurants guys will sit at a table where they have an extra good view of me (when they could sit at any other table) - and gaze gaze gaze.
    Or whistling or honking when they walk/drive past me~

    Two more gross incident happaned with other friends.

    One was really super scary. When I think back, how can I keep so cool?
    It happened in a library (wtf, right? library?!) and I swear that guy would have raped me if there weren't some people around! (and if I were easy to rape, but I think I'm super talented in free-style self-defence!)

    I mean he sneaked into the same elevator as my friend and me and after that strolled around the study room, cuz we were doing school-related work there! How more creepy can you get?
    And I was wearing long jeans and nth reavealing!!!!!

    Wonderful! Especially the right one! The sparkling background reminds me of my childhood! Love love love!

    The other day, a guy who said he was a photographer suddenly looked at me and smiled, which I - v disgusted - ignored. He then insisted on telling me the reason for why he smiled, which turned out to be - wait for it - because he thought my eyes were a beautiful subject for his work!!!

    Ding dong ah? He then left me his fucking number!

    So, yeah, those kind of akward moments happen to me occasionally, but is it really enough to make it one of my trademarks?

    I might sound like humblebragging, but I'm seriously not!

    I hate men who approach me!
    Because I'm super shu nu and shy (and I already have a husband touring in Korea)!
    I mostly pretend that I don't get that the guys are starring at me (ok sometimes I really don't know it), in order to prevent them from getting the impression that I'm also interested and so they think they can take the next step! Oh no!!

    That's why I also think that men shouldn't be allowed to walk around topless.
    Sometimes I see topless guys in a cabio driving past me, maybe comming from the beach or so, but that's no reason!

    I think it's kinda offensive.
    When you look at their upper body, just look, because they happen to stand in front of you, they will immediately assume you are interested or what not and try to come up with a witty pick up line!

    Looking at them is like looking someone in the eye, you expect something from them and vice versa.

    But the problem is I don't want anything from them, but here they are blocking my view! Wtf should I do!

    I mostly try to look away quickly and hope that they don't see any reason to comment on that wtf!

    Yes, I'm like that if it comes to guys.
    That's why I only like friend-zone kind of guys trolol, no I mean, I like guys who are not trying to hit on you, even if they want LOL

    Last pic and end of this blog entry!

    I actually just had the pics and was trying to fill some text between, so I desperately worked myself from one topic to the next!

    Miliyah Kato is a Japanese singer, songwriter, fashion designer and novalist btw!

    And one of the reasons, why I think that Lady Gaga is overrated!
    Japan got 1000times more crazy people than her, and they started it and hello, we even have men who are like that and they are iconic! (Miyavi!)
    Not considered as a freak like Marylin Manson.

    That's it,
    Chu, Ailing

    P/S.:Oh, I forgot to mention! Maybe I don't like guys because I had a v traumatizing experience when I was in 1st grade LOL (A witnessed it).
    My first kind of sexual harrasment happened back then and actually it's kinda funny!

    A guy who was a few years older than me (I think 10+) would always touch my ass and bump his body against my ass during break time (I don't know why he so young and so perverted already? And thanks god I don't know which part of his body he bump against me, cuz obviously no eyes at the back).

    Anways, one day he asked me to talk to him in private after school, I think A. said that I shouldn't do it and I was like, No, maybe he wants so apologize! and went to meet him LOL
    OMG, why was I so naive wtf?! I always thought and still think that I'm a very boyish kind of girl and not so stupid, innocent one!

    I was really innocent, because the guy actually asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend AHAHAHAHAHA
    It's like in those stupid Asian dramas, when a guy is obviously in love with that girl and she's just too retarded to see.

    And when she finally realizes that he loves her, she would totally back up and try to get away from him, refusing to realize that she found true love, so what I did what...

    I ran away screaming and thinking about being kidnapped and so on. LOL I ran all the way home I think (ok, I nearly home) and A. ran after me and totally laughed at me after I told her the story!

    I never saw this guy again somehow (or I can't remember), although he went into a school directly next to my school.
    END of my Super Romantic Love Story!

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