Thursday, 28 June 2012

Like This!

Hallo guys!
I'm in a super good mood! 왜?
I just checked my spam mails and what did I found! A super super dumbfucked hate mail!
I 러러러브 hate Hahas

So the reason I blog is this hate mail (yes, something is definitely wrong with me for taking that as a reason)

But first of all:

Why can't anime characters be real?
I wrote the following part years ago so it's totally out of context fyi

Why can't boys be like someone uber fantastic awesome in an anime?
Is it really that hard?

I mean those guys in anime aren't perfect, mostly they are far away from perfect!

They often have very very big flaws (like Sasuke loolzz)! But the problem is even their flaws are cool!
And maybe in the end the whole composition of their different good and bad features makes them perfect?

Idk. It's just a pity. I would love to know that there's a guy who would be like any anime char.

What a world this would be! Just imagine

just some junk that I own
the Rilakkuma and Mamegoma folder + Rilakkuma note pad were all purchased on Japantag 2012 in Düsseldorf - for 2.50Eur each wtf
the key cover is Shappo from San-X's series Sentimental Circus and officially belongs to my fav series/characters! Shappo is too cute!
the Bonny Berry diary schedule thing belongs to my daily necessities, I love it very much!
Underneath it another Korean notebook for drawings and thoughts
And then there's my Ted Baker purse, which I simply love max! I actually just bought it on a whim when I had too much money. Never regretted it

Ok, back to the hate mail, it's acutally v short and hardly worth blogging about!
It's just my nature of loving to analyse and hating back that makes me do it

i have that feeling, that ur life is so poor and boring.

i mean eww.. i get a headache of your music-playlist.

sounds like you having sex with your boyfriend. oups, i forgotten! u don\'t have a boyfriend, cause u\'re just an ugly girl with no future and please.. don\'t forget with \"no boyfriend\".

An wannabe fashion-victim? haha.. sry dude, but u don\'t even looks like that on your profilepic, but one thing is true that u said \"victim\" yea right!

u\'re an motherfucking freakin victim out of sheer stupidity.

ur blog is so sloppy like a stupid , childish playground.

i\'m so sorry for you, but u have no life!

and stop ur gay music.

no wonder that everyone hates you. nobody loves you, only ur little worn out pussy!
bothered to paragraph this piece of prose for you

First of all, who am I to even deserve your hatred?
They make me feel very shiok!

How much time must they have spent obsessing over me?

How do you even know me?
There must be something really captivating about me!

#1: Please feel all the way you can, but who asked you to tell me?

#2: You mean what? How is your headache/ my music-playlist related to my apparently so poor and boring life?
Cannot apply simple logic what?

#3: So basically I'm not an as valuable human as you/ others, because I have no boyfriend, because I'm ugly and have no future (who said that btw?)
Err~ and you have a heart of gold and are a showpiece human for having such opinions

Don't try to insult me with the no boyfriend shit please, I have $$$$ instead, so who gives a fuck?

I'm especially amused about this no boyfriend part, because what this person actually says is I don't have a boyfriend, cause I have no future with "no boyfriend"

Me think you forgotten your brain fyi

#4: I don't look like a fashion victim?
So how does a fashion victim look like?
Got any book were the looks of a fashion victim is specified?
Wait...got none? Then what are you talking about?

#5: So be it lah
If that makes you happy I am an motherfucking freaking victim out of sheer stupidity
Why complain ah?

#6: I don't mind playgrounds, which happen to be childish, because they are for children
But the playgrounds I know are all very clean, cute and beautiful, so I guess you live at a very poor, run-down, ugly, stupid place

#7: Thanks for your sympathy!
I appreciate it. I am still wondering how you knew that I have no life... and is that a bad thing?
Maybe everyone should have the same life as yours in order to live a fulfilled life

#8: Why does this person even listen to it?
I think, I'll never know, because I possess the ability to close a site I don't like.
Also, I not myself write, compose and sing the songs fyi!
The songs are all from renowned artists please! I suggest you to tell them to stop producing music!

#9: This is a very interesting statement!
How do all these people know that everybody hates me? I know that someone I don't even know, once spread that rumor, so this person must be one of smelly life's friend, right?

Please, I'd like to hear them name EVERYONE who hates me, see if they reach more people than the amount of family members I have.

I dare to doubt it

The problem about people hating other people is that you guys just don't know how to criticize, much less thinking logically.

You are making it far too easy for me.

Btw I came to the conclusion that the person, who wrote this mail, can't be a native English speaker.
The decisive factor is this oups, i forgotten!

And who the hell said that I have no boyfriend?
I mean ever googled Choi Jonghoon girlfriend ?!


That's it. I very sad Portugal just lost against Spain!
I wished for CR to score and finally get himself a(nother) nice proof for his genius
Torres didn't even play

Chu, Ailing

P/s: WAIT Jaejoong looks like Cloud!!!


but I can never marry him lah!

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