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Valse Sentimentale - Tchaikovsky

What is this? It's a NEW BLOG POST! 時間だ!

Lately (since a few years when even I finally started to develop sth similar to self-reflection actually) I have been thinking much much about my personlity

Triggered by a certain event in Paris recently, a new thought added up to the many questions and theories I already have about myself.

And, I'd never thought that I'd say sth like this seriously, but I think

Ok, ok you all know me as an malicious individual, being extremely fond of cursing people, who loves to bully poor smelly life simple-minded fellow men around and and and
I just love hating?

But, my lifetime bestie once already said this and I haven't forgotten it since then:
I once asked her if I was more a butch (maskuline woman) or a femme (femminine woman).
Because I noticed in my school's toilet, where we partly have paper dispensers to dry the hands, that there are girls who in the most brutal way whack this little lever down and just teeearrrr the paper out!
Then again there are dollies who just take ages to move that lever down and obtain their paper to dry their hands.

I was wondering whether I was more the brute or the softie and my friend said I was quite 和缓!!! (means being gentle, mild, kind etc)

I never expected that, I always believed that I'm a bloody unelegant plonker, who has nothing of a refined woman.

And in Paris in some Café we observed a Chinese lady who was about to leave and woah she took her time to pack her stuff, I tell you.
My friend said she looked me, so I asked whether I was so slowpcoach-ish and lethargic,too. And she said yes.

And together with this hehuan attitude of mine, I'm also damn naive and happy-go-lucky one!
Until now I thought that this is quite a good quality, because I'm not in a bad mood often, I'm always positive about things, I'm always content and happy with whatever I'm having to deal with and according to The Secret I attract more and more happy things because of this! *throws confetti*

But now I'm also taking into consideration that I'm also very vulnerable, prone to betrayal and other bad things which just happen in life, if you are too ingenuous to take precautions
If you just blindly trust!

I'd like to note that with trust I'm not talking about persons, because wordly things can't touch me, I'm talking about sth like trust your luck)

It's kinda really making me think a lot nowadays I'm not quite sure if I should try and be more suspicious or careful?
My parents are super anxious all the time, my friends too, and until now I found that super irritating, annoying and old-fashioned!!!

Why can't they be all positive and happy-fluffy-sunny like me?

It seems to me that there's always something about anything which makes them dissatisfied, which gives them reason to worry, which is cause for concern, which spoils the whole thing.

I super hate negative persons , I don't care what happened to them in the past or whatever oh-so-philosophical ideology might be behind this, I never accept negative attitudes!

But yes, maybe I'm too childish, maybe I'm dumb, I don't know.
Maybe I should change, I don't know.

And now, in view of ocassions and to further underline my pollyannaish and entirely deluded attitude to life, three pictures I did ytd night and today
Hit by some sudden inspiration:

The idea behind #1 is that, everything, starting from yourself, can be either beauty or uglyiness depending on how you look at it.
We should always keep and open eye and heart for all the wonderful things in life.
Imperfection can turn into the opposite and vice versa.

Xcution: The background has no special meaning at all, I just thought the colors are very nice. Of course, I know a certain teacher of mine, who could interprete all sorts of stuff into these dull, grey-ish colours

The font for Perfection is very very classic, very elegant, well-proportioned and even. It represents the word itself.

The font for I'M is clearly handwritten styled. The irregularities reflect everybody's or MY individuality. I'm not even talking about flaws or anything. It's simply, that we are all different and cannot be like the Perfection letters, we can't be all the same. But, nevertheless we are all perfect. Because they are bolder than the other thin letters (again opportunity to interprete shit!) they also emphasize the I AM and allow them to gain center stage.

#2 is from the idea quite lame and I don't completely support it.
The word Beauty is punned into it's syllables, which conveniently are homophonic to the words Be and You.
You could also read, 'Be You, Thank You', which again could be interpreted in different ways
The message: Beauty is Being Yourself.

Xcution: Oh yeah the background is pink, the color of girls, who like to be beautiful. I admit that this picture's message is not the only thing lame about it LOL. The grey and white stripes were just impedimenta to make it seem like more work. It may or may not look better without them.

The font again is hand-written to convey the message of individuality better. To show that Beauty lies in you, in everyone of us!!! The problem about this idea is that you have to be careful to avoid visual assocations with YOUTUBE, since most of us frequent that site so often that the letters yout are automatically saved in connection with that video streaming site (see?!).

Er the main focus lies on the big Y, again to further foreground the YOU! I chose a font which copies the font in elementary school books, you know when they learn how to write properly. It mocks the idea of individual beauty, because it's trying to establish an aesthetic norm.
At the same time, the outlined font and the little pens 'flying' around it, make it seems like it some kind of decorative, baroque style thing, with all the flowery, pompous beauty that comes with it. It's supposed add this simple touch of beauty to the whole image.

Last, but not least is #3. Maybe this is a bit harder to understand?
Again a wordplay on 'Beauty'!!!
The message is the same as in #1, and very much my philosophy of life!

At 1st you read Life is full of BUT, meaning, many people never do anything, always complain, in the manner of I'd like to be like this, but.
But is everywhere.

If you re-read you will hopefully see those little dots and magically the sentence turns into Life is full of Beauty/ Bee-Yu-Tee.

See EVERYTHING magically and wonderfully turns into Beauty depending on your state of mind!

Xcution: I must disappoint you, colors and fonts are just for aesthetics!

Ok, end of this wordy post!
I will post soon again, about my other hobbies - FASHON & DIZAIN!!!!

Chu, Ailing

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