Saturday, 31 August 2013


Sentimental♥ - 서로

Would I be a more conventional kind of human this post would have been named Berlin Part 1. I also can't say that this was the obligatory annual summer vacation trip, haven't had any of these for years (at least it feels like that). So instead we went on a Summer 13 CY BDAY Trip. Last time I celebrated her birthday with her was when we were 11 or 10 I think. Being born in summer has the disadvantage of many friends being on holidays, so yeah... I actually have been away on her birthdays for almost as long as we know each other (^-^*)
We also recently noticed that most of the time we spend together is on public transport! Be it train, tube/subway, plane we always hang out on those kind of chic venues. Must be the reason why we are tired all the time, too - always on the move honestly.

Anyway, I can finally tick Berlin off my bucket list! Ok I have been to this city for several times already, but never really exploring it for myself. Now that I have wandered through it by myself I feel more or less satisfied with the sightseeing shopping/eating experience I had there. We managed to see a good amount of the important sights under the motto Don't Culture Me (What's Checkpoint Charlie btw?)

What I can tell you is that the guy working at Makoto has a really スケ~~ voice. Like really.

Chu, Ailing

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