Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Republic of Wine

술 - Fly To The Sky

What I honestly admire about others is their ability to judge food. For me it seems to be such an impossible task as to distinguish the whisper of trees. That is to say, I almost like every kind of food and if I didn't like it, I wouldn't notice it until someone looks into my eyes and slowly says, 'the - noodles - are - still - uncooked' - '...now that you say it....'
I find that pretty sad, but with some things I'm kinda unobservative. Still, I don't lack personal eating preferences, it's quite the contrary. I somehow have a quite unusual taste: I hate egg yolk, grilled meat, chocolate, pork - and I know the flavor 'earth' and 'carpet'. (My favorite fast food are fries and cheesburger though...)

So, I think having so delicate a tongue is quite impressive, but at the same time, it's seems to be such a mainstream, act-sophisticated behaviour. The internet is flooded with food pics and everywhere people claim about the salad being not tender enough or having found a place where the noodles are even more juicy than place B (sth like that ㅋㅋ). It is in my oppinion weird that out of all things that people have achieved in industrial countries, a strongly refined perception of food is so popular and admireable and in fact viewn as a trait of higher life. One would think that further cultivated people prefer concentrating on other things to something as materialistic as food. It doesn't seem too different from a Stone Age savage getting ecstatic over an unkown species of slimy mushrooms.

Why don't we all get horny over big breasted women and well-hung men as well? With that said, who wants see an ikemen pic I shot of one of the oppas?
I have another one with full face, but I don't really like to reveal identities on this blog, so... maybe if someone desperately needs to see it.

Chu, Ailing

P/S I do like food pics nevertheless

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