Sunday, 11 August 2013

Skincare life

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Noticed that I haven't been updating much about my life recently (not that I ever did). The thing is, my life is pretty event-less and I don't like to talk about future things either, as it's really stupid to announce that you are going to marry Jonghoon next month and then one day before the wedding you find out that you're a stone and he's the sun, and you two will never be able to be with each other (or sth similar).

With that said - there are some semi-big things in the pipeline and if those are going to work out as intended, I will start to vlog a bit.
I'm saying semi-big because it's totally not my dream thing to happen, but it goes into the same direction

But I think vlogging will be fun, because normally I'm a very reserved (ok, let's face the truth - people-hating) person and don't like to take part in sociality too much. And I think my voice is like men's voice. And I have issues with the face I own.
But I still want to do it, I just have to buy a virus mask and I actually know which one is just the perfect one. Sakun's super slick trademark monster mouth mask. Since when do I want to have that mask? I don't remember, but it's been some years. There are many others stuff from Sakun that I like, but this mask is really the real thing.
I guess I have to buy a cute one, too, because this mask doesn't really go along with my homewear stuff

I did blog about having caught some terrible skin desease right? Well, to keep things realistic, it's just that my skin got some terrible sort of allergic reaction to sth (my cousin's bunnies I think) and since then it has never been the same...

First I had super many zystic sort of spots all over my cheeks, that turned into horror-acne, which has only gotten a bit milder towards the end. And the whole time my face was super red. But after the acne has gotten slightly better I got little bumps all over my face. They were sort of small so they can't be seen under certain light, but neverthelesss it was super annoying. I felt like I had gotten the plague or sth.
Eventually I got Epiduo prescribed and I have been using it for about 2 weeks (?). Epiduo is an acne-treating gel which works with benzoyl peroxide (and adapalene). As you might or might not know peroxide has a bleaching ability (Epiduo can even bleach hair and clothes) and the gel also has some scaling effects. So at first when I used it, my skin became super dry, I had gross, large patches of dry skin all around my chin and jaw bones (where I used most of it, since my bumps where concentrating on that area) and my skin really stinged after I applied it. Plus it got worse and the bumps increased and spread up to my cheeks.
I then realized that I might have used too much of the gel and now I'm using what I imagine is the recommended pea-sized amount. What's funny is that, since the gel has bleaching effects, I now have to leave the house completely covered up with large sunnies, broad-brimmed hats and how about a virus mask? Would look super weird, but it somehow makes me feel so Asian. I mean - avoiding the sun like crazy is Asian, so I like it ㅎㅎ

Anyways now that I use less of the gel, the bumps have gotten slightly better, too. The problem is I don't know if that's my skin's condition improving (from multiplying, spreading bumps to less bumps) or being as horrible as before (bumps), because while I used too much of the gel I didn't get any new pimples, but now I get those again .

my skincare produtcs atm, apparently blue and green are the colors to go for if you want acne treatment
++ my mother stole my camera that's why the crappy pic, I might retake it with my cam once I find it and label the items if anyone is interested ++

The reason why I blogged about this is I super love the idea of things slowly getting better, I'm sort of romantic, blue-eyed, naive and utopian when it comes to such things.
I hope that one day I can have the fair, even 얼짱 skin OTL.

Chu, Ailing

P/S I somehow feel super uncomfortable with a describtive title like this ㅠ

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