Tuesday, 17 September 2013


I have been IN LOVE with Scandinavian design/ interior lately - mainly white surfaces, either combined with wooden elements or colourful accents here and there.
Just take a look at my drop dead awesome pins please
others ramble about their beautiful tumblr, for me pinterest does the thing

So, give me a bright room (best in an old building with hight ceilings), add a bit of dark metal industrial style stash to it, and my personal variant of the Scandinavian style - put some dark sclerophyllous plants in there and I'm in I also like simple paintings or surreal photographs

I developed a real special taste in beds over the last few days. Actually my friend made me got interested into those kind of beds (I know - Oh.My.God is that gerl talking about beds?! - yeah I am). I like those more lower styles with no higher bed-ends. And since slanted legs are in right now (50s kind of table legs and so on) I really like those, too.
I think beds like that with real thick mattresses and pillows and blankets and quilts (just generally a lot of soft stuff dumbed on top of it - so it looks kinda messy) has this pure sort of naughtiness to it, that I really fancy Yeah I'm that sort of person... (weird, not naughty ).

But I'm still pretty despised by how I could suddenly like such purist junk, like seriously - where is the fun? And why so act sophisticated and high class?
I used to hate people like that and now look at me - I am what I (used to) hate . The thing which bugs me most is that it's just so mainstream.

I started this post to add a bit of variation the endless picture posts, since it isn't really me to run a picture blog so, adding content by doing

αʹ☆zillion of reasons why I'd be a bad girlfriend 나쁜 여자친구 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • I hate chocolate, so no giving me chocolate fucks as a present.

  • I hate flowers, so drop that, too

  • I'm SUPER HYPERSENSTIVE to touches!! And the worst areas are at my back around the armpit area (which isn't so bad since no one really touches you there), my waist (absolute no-go relationship-wise I guess), and thighs (again no-go).
    I either screech or make some sort of weird gasp-moan when someone touches my waist, be it girl or boy. And no you can't tell me beforehand, it only gets worse if I know. PLUS once you start it, I get paranoid and will gasp every time you move your hand and won't walk in front of you anymore for like the rest of the day. Word.

  • I hate talking over the phone and I don't think that would change even if I fall in love with someone.

  • I love being at home, sitting in front of my PC, doing online shopping, watching anime, blogging, surfing, watching videos of FT Island - in short: I don't have time for you.

  • I HATE clingy males, those who text all the time, who get that I hate it and then pretend like they don't care but they do, those who say their gf is the most beautiful girl in the world, and all that, it makes me puke.
    And all that I can do is just ignore, since I'm so disgusted. I can't even describe it. I never text those persons back, even if they suddenly change or whatever - it's over, so baby goodbye
    guess, tsundere type is really my thing

  • I think I'm going to abuse my boyfriend money-wise. I think I won't be able to resist. And if he doesn't like it, begone!

  • I'm so lazy, I don't comb my hair. And generally neglect my looks often enough.

  • I'm just so adamant. I don't get angry easily and very rarely, but if you finally succeed in making me angry, then I know no mercy. I will do sth to that other person (in the past that ranged from spilling juice over so's meal, spilling a can of sugar across the table, throwing 3 sets of poker cards around the room to ruining a DIY work and running away after that). I could imagine throwing TVs out of the window like in the movies...

  • This goes hand in hand with me being totally polarized. I'm rarely something in between or find something ok, I either hate it or love it. Which I guess can be very exhausting for others.

  • I'm generally super childish.

  • I am an unapproachable bitch. Try to allusively flirt with me and I show you how the coldest shoulder in the universe looks like. Or how someone can vanish into thin air like they never existed. As much as I hate clingy males, I'm also grossed out by compliments and chat-ups in general. That's why I either respond with a scornful look that literally screams 'I AM NOT INTERESTED FUCK OFF' or flee.
    I'm so horrified by flattery that actually sometimes my brain intermits and I don't hear what that person says and just stare blankly into their face until I gather myself, utter a small thank you and make a break for it.

  • I'm that buddy type of girl. Since I don't like boy-girl akwardness (that's how I perceive initial relationships) I pre-emptively friend-zone everyone, which is how I ruin every chance of advances. It's relatively easy since I have many boy-ish interests. You just don't hey chica anyone who laughts about the same insider joke you have with your bros.

  • I think I will always be a fangirl.

Hmm, I think that's it. I will do why I'd be a good girlfriend next time, because - let's be honest - (sadly) we ain't anime, so there aren't those kind of girls who totally AREN'T designed to be with someone. (You know, those relationship-resistent hidden gems~)

I'd also like a cat - greetings
Chu, Ailing

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