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All my Love is for You, Promise - 소녀시대
Through the night

My life is definitely like a movie! I should be an idealistic romantic character in some sort of (intelligent) romcom. Anw a word to my long MIA in twitter; I WOULD NEVER
QUIT BLOGGING AND EVEN NEVERER TWITTER, even if I'd hate to do it, I'd continue, cuz right now I'd hate myself for woulding doing it (this is no sentence, I know). As long as I live /sobs I will continue to do this /sobs /nice guy pose 一生の約束
But now, the storie(s) that caused and happened during my absence!
Oh yeah and my layout is down because my oh-so-awesome hoster decided that there was spam in my data bank or whatever. No worries!

I moved! And had no internet ever since! The only entertainment opportunity I had was my radio!! And the fridge... as long as I kept it filled with food. If not then I guess... a bed sounds nice too...
I live in a small apartment in a apartment tower, it's full of Indians and many Chinese people. It is actually quite nice, because we have beautiful light in here. Only our bathroom is a shame.

Better yet - we found out that we live next to - well guess. On our very first night, sometime past 8 a stranger rang our doorbell, we peeped through the spyhole, but only saw the silhouette of a stocky, shorter guy against the dark hallway. We freaked out and halfway locked ourself into Cy's bedroom. After a while I risked a further glimpse through the spyhole and saw the guy ringing the bell next door. He had turned on the hallway light but I could only see him from the side. Noone opened but he kept waiting until finally the light went out again. I held my breath and watched until he eventually turned on the light and rang again. This time they opened and he entered.
Our hearts were racing still hours afterwards. But first - can you guess what kind of neighbours we have?
How about this further detail: their super annoying loudly squeaking door opens up to 3 or 4 times per hour
Next story: Cy and I returned from the grocery and entered the building together with a man who happened to open the door in front of us. Although he waited until we entered, he hurried to the elevator, to take it before us. We took the next one and just when we entered the hallway to our apartment we saw him standing in the door of our neighbours. Talking to a women only dressed in underwear. They exchanged a few more words and then he left.

Soo? - Are our neighbours prostitutes or not? They are à deux and I kid(ded) you not when I said their apartment is being entered 3 or 4 times per hour. By men - only. Some men only stay for like 10 seconds, I guess they are giving them money, some men stay for a longer time. And yesterday I saw her again, standing at the apartment door, talking to a guy, obviously naked or nearly naked, but she hid behind the door before I could really see anything.

WTF 1st of all, I guess it's illegal to do those kind of stuff in a normal apartment, but what's even more astonishing is that, they don't even try really hard to hide it, do they? I think they repaired their friggin annoying door by now, but what's the use of that, if they only know how to slam it shut?
So yes, I live next to two prostitutes, is my life like a movie or not?

Not only that, but I think that the guy who lives above us is on LSD or sth. He listens to dreadfully loud electro crap at 5.30 in the morning !!! After giving a house party or sth like that the night before! Or whatever that is when you hear a bunch of people laughing and talking and from time to time the sound of a siren. Anyway, listening to music that is so loud that even the persons living under you can hear it - and by hear it I mean, I can nearly understand the words - is definitely a sign of sickness or LSD (or some other drug - have to confess, I'm not a pro) consumption. Anyway, it sucks, I tell you.

I don't really live in a ghetto, since there seems to be a surprising amount of really normal people staying in the same building and the neighbourhood is albeit far from picturesque, not of that really run down and disgusting type. In fact when you don't stand, but sit in my room, you only see trees (not the parking lot LOL) and with a setting sun behind them is has something of a tropical island sunset feel.

Another interesting story, the PayPal fraud.
Shortly after I moved I received this mail from PayPal saying a seller has filed a complaint against me (or however they call it). I was literally like WTF since I swear I have never sold anything in my life. Still, sometimes things happen and I don't know why, so at first I really doubted my memory, I couldn't even remember receiving the money (2.64USD). After twisting and wriggling this case for a while I found out that the buyer had paid for pants, which made it even more mysterious, because I couldn't think of any frigging pair of pants that I'd ever sell (or anyone would buy). I immediately thought that the 2.64USD must be some kind of refund so my brain checked that off and could forget all about it in peace. Still it took me a couple of days and a stupid convo with the buyer (are you sure you sent the money to the right paypal address? - just refund me my money) to realize that I had bought some shorts a time ago and they were smaller than in the description and I had asked for a refund of 2.64USD from the original price and the seller wanted to contact me again, but he never did and the next day I received 2.64 BUT from another person (which stupid me never noticed). I even tweeted about the whole story!! He obviously just wants the 2.64USD back and has the nerve to pull of such a dirty and disgraceful foul play. I wish he would be dead now.. or at least that I could still rate him, but it's too late.
Anyway, PayPal wasn't any help either, since hey - they don't read their messages or at least don't reply. So in the end after they didn't do anything, which basically means the buyer wins, I had to file a stupid complaint against the buyer - and only that did they read. So now if I got that right, they will refund the buyer, but with their own money and not mine. Uh-huh thanks, but the buyer needs a head shot and not the money. I'm honestly intending to buy sth from yisaiyibei18 again only to give him fatal rating.
Oh and the whole time I couldn't pay for a certain item, because PayPal withheld the 2.64 from my account. The weird thing was that I could buy two items from Germany, but not this specific one. Although they said, my balance was in the red, so I could balance that with my credit card. Which I did twice while doing the two German purchases. In the end I manually transferred money to my PayPal account (sorry if this is getting a bit economic-ish), but I still couldn't friggin pay! Also my minus grew to 2.66 !! I panicked and thought that they are charging interest -
BUT the indeed splendid deduction work I performed here revealed the following: the minus increased because of the ever changing currency exchange rate and I couldn't pay because I had a plus in euros, but still a minus in US dollars, that's also why I could pay the German stuff, but not this ebay business. I had to exchange the Euro, resulting into +/- 0 Euro and + in dollars. (Does that make any sense?)

Who's telling you shits like that normally, please? I mean if I hadn't done any of these, I'd lost 2.64USD, some stupid Chinese motherfucker would be encouraged to fuck around and I'd have gotten negative buyer ratings in ebay somemore! Eh?! /flips table

A last one: I was on the road (again) with Cy (again) and the Japanese crew. We were sitting in a train, when suddenly a drunk homeless old men entered our compartment, his pants down. I couldn't believe it and luckily his jacket was too long to see anything, but he actually sat down next to one of us. Oh My God, just when everyone started to silently freak out, a tough conductress entered and started to yell at the homeless guy and asked us all to leave. Gosh we were so happy that someone came to our rescue and all hushed into the next compartment. The conductress gave the man hell and then went to our compartment to call one police station after the other. They were all busy. After a while she left and I sat there with my shopping bags next to me and Cy and Mika behind me. I started to read the InStyle when I suddenly heard a yell and looked up: the disgusting hobo was standing at my seat, trying to figure our a way to sit on my shopping bags!!! I was so paralyzed with shock and fear that I could only stare at him, luckily the conductress saw him leaving the compartment she had reserved for him and once again chew his ass out. He obeyed and left, but my chest still felt like it would implode for the whole night and I felt so nauseated the whole time, that I was seriously close to throwing up when they said that our train was running late and because of every little jolt it made. I've rarely experienced such a big mess man.

This concludes the fantastic tales of the last 3 weeks (or has it been 4?). Maybe my life isn't soo boring after all... Except for the PayPal thing, everything could be taken out of a uselessly over-dramatic movie.

See you soon, with a hopefully returned layout!
Chu, Ailing

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