Saturday, 7 December 2013

Once a snowy Saturday

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Wow, is it lame if I start this post with winter is here as in 'it's pretty hot lately, isn't it?' ? Because, winter is here , it's been storming and snowing loads and I watch like 3 Supernatural eps a day! (my fav is Sam, don't argue, don't steal).
Oh and I have a new theory about my neighbours: maybe they aren't (only) prostitutes, bt cast male porn actors! It's just that some of the guys who come to them act weird, not really like clients~ Actually a bit like nearly clients who are shocked to see them and leave as soon as they get there, but then again some don't really act like that, too... so~

Actually, tbqh I have a haul or several haul posts to write, a sequel of my skincare story has to be posted and I have some Korean fashion advice and lifestyle inspiration for you. Also I should introduce my new baby to y'all. When am I going to do this? - Ask Sam and Dean.*
Ok, j/k I'm going to start this skincare stuff today, well aware of the fact that I won't finish it til who knows.

Last time I told you about my terrible, terrible brake-out. It was in fact so terrible that I couldn't even wash my face anymore, because all the bumps (filled w pus or so) and what-not that I had scratched open burned like hell. I was at a point where I didn't even remember how it felt to wash one's face or to run your hand over your face without feeling a stinging pain. I never dreamt of ever having a normal complexion again. I couldn't simply imagine it.
I started to use Epiduo then and (ok, this starts to sound like a overly dramatic story-of-my-life ad on TV, only that) it didn't help it all, if anything it got worse. I don't want to blame it on the cream though, I think my bacteria was just too strong! I went to see my dermatologist again and got antibiotics prescribed. And I honestly don't know why everybody is so freaked out by antibiotics, like do you even know how they work? As I tried to google them a few days ago, I found out about all the people advising everyone against antibiotics against acne and that it would return as soon as you stop using it and it would destroy your immune system. At that time I couldn't care less (not because I was so desperate though, it was more cuz I actually eat expired food as long as it's not green). So I started to take one pill each day (I forgot the name, terribly sorry) for 50 days I believe. And guess what, that motherfucking break-out disappeared and never c[a]me back! I finished it since I guess over a month or two and I still have the usual pimples as I had before, but none of these pus-filled bumps and other stuff anymore.
All in all I would say that antibiotics are a very effective way to kill bacteria, which caused my zombie brake-out. But I guess that most bacteria nowadays are immune against acne antibiotics so I was really lucky that mine weren't and got killed.
If you're reading this and fighting with acne, too I wish you all the best ! Trust your doctor more than any random internet people! But go find a good doctor, google your town for a good one (most likely the most famous aka best one will pop-up at first) or ask someone you trust to know a good one!

Okay and now I actually would like to brag about my new baby but I don't have my camera with me atm so how about I show you some Scandinavian Christmas gift wrapping ideas and decoration inspos?
I'm a big sucker for everything Scandinavian styled currently and though it seems to be a bit simple or cold to deck your halls like this for the holidays, I still like the chic-ness.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 //

Okay that's it for today peeps, can't believe I managed to finish this post. Do you know how long it takes me to write one friggin blog post? It's embarrassing so I won't tell you.

Have a wonderful Christmas time!
Chu, Ailing

* Sam and Dean, 'Hey, we are on winter break til Jan 14th, so please don't blame us when you're lazy and unproductive, we get our shits done'

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