Sunday, 12 January 2014


Candle 2 Blood Brother finally jump wagoning one the scented candles in a glass- trend. Which was kinda unwise b/c I hate perfume-ish smells, luckily this beautiful one comes w/ a cool silver lid! Cotton and wool headband &other stories a neutral-coloured headband to protect my ears from freezing over, since hats push my bangs into my eyes Lip balm - Orange Neon &other stories their make-up has awesome (silver) packaging! Despite its name/looks, the colour is quite sheer and thus leaving a fine vivid hint of orange on your lips
lipstick case I bought this one a whim, since black leather and it head no price tag on. 'Twas actually 20 USD !! Btw, I actually don't even know why lipstick cases exist in general... but it's cool Leather Mittens in Black Vintage Renewal Urban Outfitters I simply love mittens! There's something cute about them, but the tough material make them so mighty. I consider them to be perfect, so please let me keep them for a lifetime

LIBBY ankle boots Vagabond finally my pair of chunky smooth leather walker ankle boots after forever admiring them on Korean shops. Despite their height they're comfortable max, I feel like I can sprint in them (and beat you not, but that's another story) Triple Zip Clutch &other stories full grain black leather x chunky fashion item? Love! Plus I fancied clutches with handles for the longest time (actually since Angela Merkel's floating pink clutch, I don't intend to wear mine that way tho) Compact Styler Beloved Tangle Teezer (not pictured above) my friend had one and from it's unusual look I could already smell that this was sth special. I tried it out on my haven't-combed-for-ages hair and it went back to Mulan mode. So I got one myself and did I mention that I love shiny silver?

Some New In's (automatically equals fav's) from Christmas season. I don't know what got into me, but considering how I used to hate black leather (in particular black leather handbags, I couldn't imagine anything less classy back then) it's ridiculous I decided it's one of my favourite material not so long ago. Full-grain black leather even more. It must be the rebel in my soul that survived the age of the pink princess and now wants to bring out the bad ass biker. With lots of silver spikes, chains and other really hardcore stuff. Or how else can you explain the silver and black combination?
I feel more mature in all those quality materials and grown-up colours, a trait I certainly lack in and don't know of I should work on since I always wanted to be a child even when I was a child. But maybe it's all slowly happening on it's own, just like the pink princess disappearing. I have the feeling that I have been (and still am) in a finding out what you really want and what your place in life is - phase and I can tell you, it hurts (my pride) to be so cliché.
Recently I planned to read more. I like to learn about other people's mind and I guess I'm missing out on many inspirational thoughts. If you know any good non-fiction, please let me know. And I decided to have a huge collection of books later on. Not really novels or purely non-fiction, but many picture books, to feed my love for photography. I really want to buy 광고천재 이제석 (Advertisement Genius Yi Jeseok) at the moment. He really sets new standards in the advertisement industry, but it's hard (impossible) to find copies.

Part 2 and 3 of the (around) Christmas new in's are planned, as apart from the pressies I also kinda splurged on many things.

Lastly, apologies for my awful skin tone (looks like zombie skin) and the obvious Park&Cube similarities, I rushed this one and am uncreative =/

Chu, Ailing


  1. I was actually tempted to buy those leather mittens from UO! but got sidetracked :) I dig & Other Stories too! A tasty array of items here!

    Cheers and thanks a bunch for visiting! :)

    1. oh no, I'm thanking you, I love you Haha

      those mittens are on sale right now btw, at least online !^^