Sunday, 15 June 2014

To be languid

서울이 싫어졌어 - 이천원

I am watching football now that I have finished (a certain amount of) studying.
I know I said I'd study more and well, this was more (even if not much). Yesterday didn't work so well, because I went to a fair with my roommate. I haven't been for a long while and it was very entertaining. The smell of cotton candy, and all the colourful, shining signs and the typical voices advertising different attractions. I had a crêpe after a really long time.
It might be the 2nd I ever had, because I don't like sweet things at all. Especially warm ones.

Well today was study day, although lately I get up really late and thus miss half of the days anyway. That is because I fall asleep very late and hate to wake up, too. Not very cool qualities.
I'm starting to think that I have ADHD. Only one of the 99.999 things that I recently start to doubt about myself~
I find myself thinking of every and anything else to do while studying. It might be singing or checking out this site or a product or eating or going to the toilet, whatever. It's really hard to study like that. But I must learn to gain control.

I absolutely must learn to be more time-efficient. It is one of my top (out of 2) worries!

The picture was taken on Mother's Day a while ago. It was one of those days when rain and sunshine took turns with one another incessantly.
Although it looks like it was a very gloomy day I think the sun probably started to shine brightly only moments after. But it's the gloominess that I love about this picture; the rain onto that beautiful landscape and then on the left site rails, industry, anti-nature,... I also love the old dark-framed window and the flowers in the foreground which I got for my mother that morning.

I'm going to study a bit more and continue with the football match!
Chu, Ailing

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