Friday, 3 October 2014

the following is quoted from xx's blog (and edited).
Alvin has disappeared. Just like that. *snaps fingers twice* Into thin air.

I don't understand men, really. He has been so sweet and nice! I told him that I am not prepared to go into a relationship with him, but he told me its alright, he will wait. He says he just wants to see me happy, and that's sufficient for him.

Well it seems that's utter bullshit. MEN. This just makes me super jaded. Seriously, humans are just self-centred creatures who live for themselves and blowjobs/showerheads, and I am not denying that despite trying hard not to, I'm like that as well. Except the showerhead part.

So anyway it went like this:

Alvin did not contact me for two days. Last conversation was fine, and ended with an ironic "I will call u tomorrow."


This is not the first time he is doing this. He went missing not once, but TWICE before, and always come back after with the typical "I miss you so much and I will not do this again."

I DON'T UNDERSTAND?! If he needs time off, why can't he just tell me, "I need some time off", then disappear while I go club and shag other guys? (joking) Why must gei siao say got nothing wrong, then don't reply msgs and pretend that phone on silent/low batt??!

I absofuckinglutely hate guys who go missing and avoid issues! What's the point? Can someone tell me what's the point??!

Me, calling using a different line: *ring ring!*

Alvin, in chirpy voice: "Hello!" (As if I must be Pamela Anderson asking him if he could touch my boobies)

Me: Oei you avoiding me ah?

Alvin: Umm. Ah... No la...

Me: Speak up and quit wasting my hi card money ok!

Alvin: *deep breath, chirpy voice gone* Ummm.. I just thought... *pause for 5 seconds*


Alvin: Umm... We can't go on like this....

Me: OK BYEEE! *kup phone*

- silence -

Why ah? Why are some people like that? It took him 3 months to realise that we can't go on like that? Wow! And if I did not use another line to call him, is he ever gonna tell me "we cannot go on like this"? And what I am supposed to do the period of time he is avoiding my calls?? Report to the police that he must be eaten up by a python in Tekong, huh?

Put the story up on show 'Missing'?
Instead of generally talking about this kind of men problem -
which I more or less have if you remember Cy's ex who loved to play this oh-so-funny-game -
let's philosphize about whether men or really (that) different from women.

Or better - are men assholes and why?

Honestly, yes?!

But no, let's do this real slow (reeeaal slow - this is a Wheesung quote).
I think the (female) distress lies in our hearts which are yearning for love. (Please, don't include me, I'm just generalizing).

Seriously. I hold the view that women need love more than men.

And I think so because women fall in love so easily. Women can fall in love with about anyone.
Really regardless of age or looks or anything as long if there is at least one thing which the women digs.
My proof? Ugly Kpop idols with really nothing attractive.
Still they have a relatively big fanbase... How?

Well, they must have a really silly and random something which makes a certain group of girls swoon.
Like they always like their lips? Love to run their hand through their members hair? Played that one role in that one drama? Idk you tell me!

As a man you just need that one thing and some women out there will love you (I mean LOVE).

With men it's different.
Obviously you'll mostly just need big tits to get into the game, BUT the guy will never love you.
He just wants to fuck you (for the rest of his live maybe, but well... he'd fuck other girls with equally big or bigger things, too).

Is this true or is this not true?
(I'm not saying that men can't fall in love or will love the women of their dreams til the end of time, it just that it's not their No 1 priority to find that woman as it is for girls...
And that girls fall in love quicker)

I think here lies the reason to why men are jerks.

Because women are so desperately looking for love (even when they don't) they are much more sensible regarding this topic.
Whereas guys just... ah well, nevermind liao.

A women is much more vulnerable in a relationship of any kind whatsoever.
She will overthink things. She will try to figure out the guy, what he wants, what kind of a human he is.

The problem is - as I said - men and women are different. Like Alvin at one point he will be sweet and all, then a fucking jerk the next.

Ok, I don't know already what the point of this entry is ㅋㅋ
Just felt like writing this after reading XX's entry.

Oh I think my point was whether men are assholes...

Well, yes, but they can't help it.
As much as men are human beings, too, you can't expect them to act or be like something they aren't.
Which is being as sensible and overthinking as women all the time (of course guys are like that, too if they are seriously in love).

But when they are just playing around, they aren't. Which leads me to the next question, why must guys play around?!
Yes, there are girls who play around, too...
But not as much as guys right?
Which again leads me to the question, are men and women really that different?

Maybe yes and no?
Guys like to play around because they love the ego boost when yet another girl has fallen for them, because it tells them, they are handsome, they are manly, their dick is long, they are awesome.
Girls also like this ego boost, but for them it's the other way around; 'my body is hawt, I look sexy so all the guys want to get my number', not like boys 'the girls are all over me, thus I'm da bomb'

I think that's really it... Like my non-oppinion on something.
Chu, Ailing

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