Friday, 3 October 2014


The recent entries are all fucking boring (as opposed to the non-recent ones I like to think). So I don't know why anyone should read.

As one who reads must have noticed though, I am reading through Xiaxue's archives.
Fucking good stuff. I won't repeat myself.

And it's so funny that I can relate to so much stuff.
I don't know.

She and her life are so different from me but then again so many similarities, she could be my soul-cousin (lol.. soul-sister can't cuz really have some huge differences).

Anw, yesterday I wrote about some very random entry where she mentioned she was taking bus 176.
Do you know these moments when a certain really trivial something triggers the memory of a whole atmosphere, a distinct feeling back to your life?

The word bus 176 was such a something. Immediately I remembered my bus rides in Singapore and with that memory some more details which I haven't realized and only see now.
I miss Singaporean buses. (this is he 3rd time I'm saying it). Yes the fucking buses.
I miss waiting for them to come without knowing if and when they are going to arrive.
I miss the timetables which I can't and couldn't bother to understand (thus I don't know when they arrive).
I miss the old-fashioned interior, the seats.
I miss sitting there, chilling on the seats, not knowing where we are fucking headed to, just driving forever through half of Singapore.
Not giving a slight fuck about anything.
No worries until we finally arrive.*
*Note: I was so clueless because friends had the pleasure of racking their brains organizing our transport hahaha
Ok, I might just miss being a careless bitch

Oh yeah and then another thing from her blog:
Typical conversation

Beautiful Saturday afternoon, three recruits with 2 or 3 girls in an outing with them.
A: Hey, Pegasus' bunk there got green fungus growing on the edge of the door or not?

B: Siao! Cheebye! (dont know why recruits love vulgarities. Nearby, a girl grimaces as her privates [parts, not the rank] get mentioned but B ignores her) of course have lah! The fungi grow like fungi like that. Don't know why the door's edge everytime got fungi.

C: Chun boh? My officer kao peh so much, make us do pumping. Down 1,000, siao, think we super hero. After that must do 65 click somemore.

A: Is it! Then I lucky la, mine only make us do burpees.

Girl A, B, C: BURPEES!?

All guys: *ignore* *gives each other "They don't know one lah" look*
Ok I don't know any guys who stay in camp.. Ok I do know, but we don't talk about camp.
Which is not the point.

The point is (omg the point, my blog only revolves around the point wtf), everyone (girl) will know this situation where boys act like they are almighty because they are talking about something which girls don't know one la.

And I hate that situation! Why must act like that...
There are girl topics that boys don't have any clue of either. What's a highligher/ blending/ etc brush?
Downward facing dog? Urban Decay Naked palette? (so much make-up...)

But we aren't deliberately discussing such things with people around who would have no idea what we are talking about right?
Which brings me back to the point that guys and girls are different after all.

Also it's cooler to be a guy. You (can) act like that.
That's why I find that girls should definitely grow up with a brother (and vice versa I guess).
It's really practical to be a guy, you learn about a lot more useful things in life; jailbreak, torrents, file sharing, fixing computer, ad block, cars (ok, not cars, but imagine we would, we'd be much more confident dealing with cars), idk...

So yeah I'm grateful I didn't grow up as a girly girl.

Back to the point which was that guys feel very superior when they can treat girls like we are very blur...
There exist girls who find that equally amusing I guess, like shu nus?
They like to be in that weaker position so they would please the guys by confirming their lower rank.

What? I have never been and don't want to be that kind of girl.
I never play along (ok maybe at times, but never the most entertaining way for the guys which I guess would be something like nagging the dudes to explain or over-enthusiastically discussing with the girls what burpees could be wtf), if the guys think they can act cool, I can do that, too... Ignore.

Which doesn't earn me many brownie points (boys are dumb - I'm contradicting myself I know), and therefore the silly shu nus will earn more /rolls eyes
Seriously, for fuck?!

I hate pretentious demeanour, I don't see why anyone has to act like sth they aren't to kiss sb's ass!

I will never play along, you can jolly well play that stupid game among yourself.
Like I have nothing better to do.

Fuck shu nus, why can anyone be so cheap?!
Urrggh! I hate cheap, stupid and weak people the most!

Even if that means all guys will hate me I will never fucking act like I'm damn cute, very helpless or dumb or any damsel-in-distress-way so the guy will feel very shiok and mighty and hit on me.
Just fuck someone else, thanks!

Chu, Ailing

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