Monday, 6 October 2014


Unfortunately... most unfortunately I cannot hate on disabled people in humongous electric wheelchairs who use public transport.
But I do.

Of course they are as entitled as anyone to use buses or trains (hey! they don't seem to use trains WTF), but it is so goddamn annyoing!!!

The extra effort the bus drivers have to make in order to heave them and their fucking wheelchair in - and out.
And the inconvenience caused to all the other passengers...

Today I was driving home after a kinda long day.
It is autumn, thus somewhat cold, but then again today was quite sunny, thus warm.

I was tired because of both and just wanted to enjoy some peace until I reach home.

A fat (yes, that matters) older, unkempt (yes, that matters, too) disabled woman in an electric wheelchair also got inside the bus.
And after her a grandma with a rollator (I hate those! Do they even make sense?!) entered and her rollator's wheels got entangled with the back wheels of the electric wheelchair, which woman 1 (W1) only parked half-way intelligently. Means, she parked very space-consuming and not neatly along the window.
So of course when the grannie wanted to squeeze into the too-tiny space behind W1 she pushed her rollator into the wheelchair.
With the obstinacy and lacking motor abilities of precisely a grandma she fought a silent fight with W1 whose back she was facing.
So W1 of course didn't get anything of that (and couldn't care less I guess) while she kinda tried to manoeuvre her fucking sensitive (not) wheelchair into a better position - in vain.

And all that while an Arab family with 3 young kids and a buggy with another kid were waiting outside to get in.
Which they even managed.

That makes 3 people with a vehicle in a vehicle.

It is plain ridiculous how space-consuming and absolutely nerve-racking it is to take public transport when you are so immobile!!!

A few stops later another person with an electric wheelchair wanted to enter!

Of course the person can't enter by himself, he needs the bus driver to array a ramp!
But then, is there even enough space?

Of course people will shuffle around inefficiently and inconclusively for 4 hours until one overly sensitive person found it would be wiser to move further in and not clog the entrance.
Therefore space was created.
And the fourth wheeled person entered.

Now imagine the same funny game backward when someone (of course that someone could only be W1 or grannie, since they are both the furthest inside, otherwise it would be no fun) of those wheeled persons wants to alight.

FML, the fucking pain.

W1 wanted to get out and after everyone alighted (the Arab family was especially fast-minded and alighted quite quickly, while a young woman refused to do so for.. a decade and moved around the entrance area only to be pushed by other people, who couldn't decide if they should alight or not).
This time round it was W2 who didn't leave enough space for her to manoeuvre her enormous conveyance, so she again inefficiently moved to and fro... knn

People who looked upon that scene felt how their youth faded away under the blazing sun burning on their back.
When finally all hope was gone the bus driver grabbed the wheelchair and tried to pull it out with the last of his remaining strength, without avail.
Little did he know, that, alas!, the wheelchair was once again tangled up with grannies rollator.

Only due to the wondrous workings of the gods and the work of 423 invisible pixies did he finally, finally managed to pull the woman out.

'Wow, travelling with public transport is sooo convenient and fast!!', think the disabled people on wheels.
I decided to get off one stop earlier (without any problems!) and walk instead.

So fucking annoying!
Since I cannot forbid disabled people, families with babies and old grannies to use public transport, I can only wish for the wheelchair people to have nice family who would drive them around!
Which of course they haven't cuz they are selfish and grumpy, so they have no one who would care for them and also so they wouldn't behave very social on the bus and make space, THUS I can hate them!
I guess they are bitter, but they aren't more entitled to travel on public transport than any other person who bought a ticket and is on the bus!!

Only because they are disabled doesn't mean that other people have to squeeze and push themselves in the last edges of the bus so that they would have their 'for the disabled place'.
It is too hard for them to travel else way?

Well, people in electric wheelchairs don't even need to strain one muscle to move around!!!

And I don't mind others that much, since people with prams or buggies, or people in normal wheelchairs are quite agile.
Only that most people with prams, etc are fucking slow-minded immigrants, who take forever to realize that they need to moove!

And old people with rollators? I highly doubt that rollators have any use at all.
They just render old people even more immobilised than they already are!!
This four-wheeled joke of a prop can't be any good to lean against right? Wouldn't it just roll forward?
So the only thing to prop onto it would be directly from above or not? But then, how to walk meh?
'K', you argue, 'but then they can use it to sit onto whenever they need to rest!'
Bullshit, when they are already weak and scared of walking how are they gonna turn around to sit on the seat? And I have witnessed countless of times how painful it is to turn and sit, always wondering why they are even doing this shit when they are clearly going through too much efforts for a comparatively small win...

'K, but at least can store shopping?' Other sort of carts can also transport shopping what? And those that can be pulled are for more convenient!!! That's why people pull and don't push trolleys!!!

And the people on electronic wheelchairs?
If you think they are too weak to push normal wheelchairs you are very wrong!
Those who could be too weak are only old people, but have you ever seen old people in those monstrous things? No, because they don't have the slightest idea how such a vehicle could be steered!
Hence the ones who use those are younger people who are just too fucking lazy to move their remaining moveable body parts! FML...
This is not what we call appreciative or life-affirming!
And a person who does not appreciate life should just go die!!!

Yes lah, don't be so inconsiderate and piss everyone else off and use public transport! Tax money somemore!!!

Or is it that their whole purpose in life is to make people at least a bit miserable like them?!
Ah, just go die.

Regarding to what I wrote last post, I have yet another reason to love Singaporean busses and abso-fucking-lutely hate German ones! Urgghh!!!
Chu, Ailing

P/S: I go clean my room now

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