Thursday, 2 October 2014


I have kind of a new obsession (not that new since it developed over the years, but yeah... 'new').
If anyone waited for the sequel of the previous blog post... Sorry.
I just can't be arsed to blog about it, because it's too long. And thus too annoying to try to think about which parts should be left out.

So my newest obsession is... treating my body well.
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ That's sounds wrong.

But anyway...

I guess for most of us we don't naturally grow up treating our bodies well.
I mean, we mostly grow up with very functioning bodies that do everything we went without getting tired so why should we worry?

Only through the years does our body become stupid. Stupid as in... crooked teeth? Neurodermatitis? Pimples? Cellulite? Obesity? 10000s of problems...

Of course none of these kill us and we grew up not giving a fuck so we bear with all these.

Well, not anymore.
At least me.

Thanks to my mother who forced me to get my teeth fixed. The 2nd time.
Only afterwards did I acquire the hatred for my less-perfect-before-teeth so that now I can appreciate more-perfect-after-teeth.
Same story with my complexion. Ok it got really worse and I'd have probably gone to see a doctor on my own, but now that it's much much better again I am so grateful in hindsight and wouldn't want to live with all those pimples from my past.

It is funny how present problems don't seem to suck as much. But when you later look back at them or see people who are having the same troubles but are equally indifferent towards them as you used to be you can't understand their behaviour for the life of you.
I think that's a good example for human haughtiness... (but that's another point).

Anyway so these two things then finally showed me that I should tackle everything that I now feel slightly irritate me, because I will only know how much better it feels afterwards.

Right now I'm getting 3 warts removed (oh just stop reading you haha).
I've had them for years. I don't know how many. On the sole of my feet.

Now they don't hurt (yet), but they always made me feel so conscious about my feet when everyone else has tender baby feet.

And btw plantar warts can be really dangerous when they grow deep enough to reach your bones you probably won't ever get rid of them and it will hurt like mad.
But you can try to cut them out which will cause you to loose a shitload of blood, die half-a-very-painful-dead and have them come back, more painful than ever.
Luckily mine don't seem that deep yet. I tried to freeze them once, but it didn't work.
So I went to get it done professionally.

They use cold nitrogen to spray onto your wart and it's somewhat painful after all.
In the beginning it's just cold, after a few seconds you feel a sharp stinging pain like needles would poke into your feet.
Luckily the treatment only lasts half a minute or so and soon after that it's ok-ish to walk again.

Now, I'm just hoping for the darn things to fall off.....

But then my feet also have some calluses which I want to get rid off.
I blame my too small feet compared to my body height for causing those. And my parents for making me walk to school for a week when I was younger (during that week I got those calluses, I remember til now). Oh and maybe dancing... ㅋㅋ

What I'm saying is, if there's anything about your body which bothers you in the slightest, do something about it.
Remove that mole, cut out that weir bump right above your eye.. Whatever. Do it.
And thank me later ㅋ

Chu, Ailing

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