Saturday, 11 October 2014


Let's see if I can blog with a tablet. 
Over the weekend I'm at my parents' and now I realize that I have nothing to do.
Except that I can blog. (or sleep)

An unsettling story.
Came up with this shit the other day.

Once upon a time there was a boy. Everyone loved him as he was always laughing and made people laugh with his cuteness. Although his family was poor he was a happy child.
But he couldn't do very well in school, because unfortunately he wasn't very smart and finally dropped out. On that day he tried to find a job, but nobody wanted to hire him because he had no degree. 
Weeks past and still the boy didn't manage to find work. He started to drink and wasted the little money he had left gambling. 

The old restaurant owner of the small restaurant not far from the boy's house pitied the boy. He was still young and shouldn't waste his life.
One day he went to offer the boy to become a dishwasher at his restaurant. Not that he necessarily needed one or could really afford it, but he just wanted to give the boy something to do. 

Once the boy started to work he was changed. He stopped drinking and doing nonsense all together and became the best and most responsible employee of the old man. Although he only washed the dishes, he took extreme pride in his job and always gave his best. All the other workers there, the old woman at the bar, the granddaughter of the old man who was a waitress and even the dog who was always lying next to the entry, everyone was fond of him. He was not very clever, but very cheerful and nice to everyone and had other good qualities as well, like being very modest.
Often they would tease him, 'Why don't you buy new shoes huh? You want to save money until become millionaire?' But the boy just smiled and didn't answer.
It was true that he didn't spend the little money he earned for anything. He didn't need much as he had always been poor. Food and drinks were already provided by the good people at the restaurant. 

Time past and one day as the boy looked at all his savings he found that he had to give back something to the old restaurant owner to express his deep gratitude. 
He worked harder than ever and it became his greatest wish to repay the old man, who was good to him.

He started to brood on a good present for him, something that would be useful and make his life easier. 
Then finally the boy had saved enough money to buy the present he had thought off. 
He went to the big department store and returned with a dishwasher. 

Yes I know the story is very retarded. 

Talking about money. 
A few months ago I ordered this lamp. Well those who read that certain blog entry know that I'm obsessed with neon lights.
I bought 3 Seletti neon letters - XXX. As Seletti does designer,  the letters are seriously overpriced. One costs around 55 but you also need a transformer for around another 55 bucks. This would make my lamp 200+ already. 
But I got mine for around 130 only as I chanced upon this offer by monoqi. Or not.

Cuz that was end of May. And the lamp was supposed to be shipped around the beginning of July. 
Well, nada. I mailed and spammed their Facebook without any reply. I cursed them on twitter to no avail.
I filed a report in PayPal. 
Finally someone responded telling me they would send my parcel. It never arrived (I think it either doesn't fit into the PO box thing or idk I didn't went to pick it up because I never received a SMS to do so). Anyway the status of the tracking never was 'received', so eventually PayPal returned my money. 
At that time I couldn't care less, since I also didn't want the lamp anymore if it's really so troublesome. 

Then suddenly mid September I receive a mail from the shop telling me they shipped the parcel but it got returned and if my address was correct or do I want to change it.
Of course I change one lar,  can get the lamp for ZERO money! (I was staying at my parent's so change to their address).
They send again, but it also never arrive! Fucking unable can?! I message asking whether tracking lags (read 'shipment order received' or so forever) and they tell me it was returned again and they gave me wrong tracking number also.... ccb
So yes the lamp was shipped out again and this time I finally received it. wtf

But I got for free la so actually cannot complainㅋㅋ
A 200 bucks lamp for fucking free!!!!
Next week I ask my bro to mount for me! Woohooo~
Shall take pics.

Talking abt my bro, he actually made me change my fb do pic! 

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