Monday, 20 October 2014

Can I get this?

You you are definitely getting really old when all you want for birthday is nothing.
No, wait, let's see...

No, really nothing.
Aaahh money, gimme all your money.

Ok, so here's a really desperate attempt to save my childhood by putting up a wishlist~ Oh my!
(unfortunately that doesn't mean I pick a bunch of pink plushes or glitter pens, too - Mission failed)

for a grown-up and disillusioning start a little riddle involving very much logical adult thinking:
winter is coming, I don't own any serious scarf since I grew out elementary school, it's going to be cold I NEED A SCARF

pictured: Acne Canada grey melange
A white shearling black leather moto jacket that is.
The ONLY jacket I like so far, cuz really I'm a coat-addict.
But I'm obsessed with this jacket.

pictured: Acne Velocite
I don't need another bag. But I wouldn't say 'No' to this classic, yet girly pop of colour to make monochrome less monochrome.

pictured: The Cambridge Satchel Company Satchel in Peach Pink
Another thing I don't need. Perfumes are still too adultly for me. But after my friend and I pinpoint this fragrance to be like the flavour of avocado shake, I think IF I'd were to express my youthfulness with a scent, it would be Daisy.

pictured: MARC JACOBS Daisy Eau de Toilette
Lastly, a wish that counts as a child's wish: these absolutely stunning shining silver brushes by Queenie Chan (my idol). Also 'The patented handle is made of aluminium and it can be used for facial massage' for some of them.

pictured: SO brushes by SO by Queenie Chan

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