Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Give Love

Give Love - Akdong Musician
A little something I recalled during last night!
First of all paiseh for being so self-absorbed all the time , I really should blog about Ebola or Jonghoon, but alas, this space is only intended for me, me and me.

The reason why the degree of self-absorbed shit varies is because I think I spam 90% of it on twitter. Which is not good. Takes away my blogging material.
So I will stop writing so much on twitter but more here.


So I remembered that -
Ok really damn paiseh, let's pretend this happened really a long time ago. Really long time. Like the life before last
Or better we will pretend that it didn't happen yet. Maybe in 6 lives it will happen. (But I'm in my 8th life now so I can still talk in the past form).

A and I were sitting on a certain bridge. With a friend.
We were wearing heels and sitting on this higher (and wide) platform thing which spans along the bridge.

You know climbing up that platform is no biggie with heels. You just jump and then prop yourself with your hands/arms and turn around (or if your arms are too weak/ you can't jump high enough you 'climb' along the wall a bit, works with heels). I know a shitty explanation, just imagine how you get out a pool (without a ladder).

The problem is when you want to get down. You have to jump. But how would risk to jump down with heels? Confirm break your ankles!!!
You could put off your heels of course, but that's really too much + the floor also kinda dirty.

Ok, so this friend helped my friend down (I don't think any of us agreed to have him help us despite having no other option to get down).
The thing with me is - people who know me for some time know it - I can't be touched anywhere around my waist.
I am sensitive as fuck there. I will scream, gasp very loudly and dramatically or maybe the worst gasp-moan (which hasn't happen in a long time /touch wood).

So let's say you are my friend (female) and a guy would help you down this platform. How?
Of course the guy will have to grab you around your waist and lift you down right?
I was wearing a crop top. But hey! I survived being lifted down, that's not what I wanted to talk about.

The thing is that when I 'touched down' I fucking stumbled
Which to this date I find very embarrassing. Like my friend (at least seemed to) landed fine with no problems. The way it should be. He lifted her down and there she stood. From A to B.
I absolutely too stupid to stand. How could I not manage to just keep my feet straight so that I could be placed on the ground just like that?!
Maybe that was due to the suddenness of being forced to be grabbed at my waist and lifted down.

Then yesterday night I noticed that actually the girl stumbles. Right? The girl always stumbles! And then fall against the guy's chest somemore.
Luckily that didn't happen due to my quick reaction and my embarrassment of not being able to simply stand.

But the point is, it is - in a twisted way - not right if I had stood firmly, but I should have rather dunno fainted hahahahaha.

I find it funny that it seemed so absolutely embarrassing to me at first, but now I realize, you can also see it differently.
Some girls stumble on purpose what? (I'm thinking Sailor Moon) (I love Rei + Mamo-chan).
In stories it might seem somewhat romantic, but in real life it is very unglam I mean stumbling is not gracious.

To end this ridiculous entry a scene from the making off of Akdong Musicians Give Love MV:
the girl has to act like she's tripping out of that merry-go-round carriage oh-so-accidently into her crushes arms~ aahh~
but she just can't ㅋㅋ very cute!
And that proves that I am right, stumbling is desirable! My life is like a music video! All girls should stumble!!

Chu, Ailing

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