Monday, 19 January 2015


Yesterday I was watching a 60's (?) movie. Do you also find that people then were prettier (and more handsome)?
I think so.
I also like the fact that even kids were running around in blazers, shirts and stuff and that they were all dressed so colourful.
I wish people would still dress like that.

I am going to dress like that.

Btw I happen to check out plastic surgery for nose the other day, because - as some of you might know - getting a nose job is on my bucket list!!!
The problem I have with my nose is not that it's too small or anything! It is too friggin' big lah!

Okay, they call it bulbous nose in Korean-English and it will make you look very countryside girl like la (still better than other imperfections lah, them Koreans lah, got ugly forehead they call you Orang-Utan).
The good thing about bulbous nose surgery is, don't need implants (if I got that right). They will remove the fats from the alars to make them slimmer or also cut out fats or cartilage from your nose tip.

Which is very good!
I actually don't mind implants or plastic.. on others. No I wouldn't mind on me either, but I can't really imagine to get, say a higher nose bridge through an implant, the thought of having such a thing inside my body somehow doesn't sound good in my ears. But who knows, if I had a very flat nose, maybe I would have decided for a rhinoplasty surgery.

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  1. Urgh. You have excellent photography skills! I envy you, also I lost slr camera ever since we moved houses so T_T

    I actually watched some 60s television game show called "newly weds". The girls there dressed very decent, innocent, more good looking (i guess) now, i don't know what happened haha.