Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Art, Money, Coffee and the coldness runs through my soul.

Come Back To Me - Utada Hikaru

Our English teacher asked us to bring along a picture of our favorite piece of art for the next lesson.
And - despite the fact that my printer is out of ink - I forgot to do that.

Actually, I noticed, that I don't have a favorite piece of art. I don't consider that as being ignorant or uncultured. But still, I'm not the kind of person to not have a favorite piece of art.

There's no painting or photography I esspecially like. Some paintings are beautiful, and those modern photography thingies (I mean those kind of photography showing some random supposed-to-look-romantic objects = showing nothing in particular) are just too mediocre. Beautiful somewhere, but hey! pretty poor in general.
If you still don't know, what I'm talking about, then look at 90% of the icons and pics I decorate my posts with. Or go visit those icon sites (see my credits).

Then music. There's so many wonderful music around and I sure have some favorite songs, which I find totally epic. But then to call one of them a favorite piece of art is a bit too much, I guess.

The same goes for fashion items and literature.
I don't have any favorite piece of art.

I only have hate-pieces of art. That's every kind of modern art.
Just fucking nonesense, in my eyes.
Yes, some sophisticated people might approach me and try to tell me that I'm just too uncreative or not open enough to like such things, but it's better than forcing oneself to enjoy retarded spots of paint, idiotic squares on canvas or dumb empty walls, isn't it?
I mean I throw a banana peel into a corner is also art or what?

How seriously stupid can people get?
And please, being interesting isn't criterion for being artistic. Want sth interesting than go check how your TV works!
Being shocking also isn't. Want to be shocked go to Africa watch people die! Call it art la!

(I think I talked about this topic once already!)

I'm honestly spending wayy toooo much money !!!
Especially on ebay affairs. HaaaiZzzz

But I just can't help it! The things there are sooo awesome and cute (cheap not necessarily~). Seriously a world without ebay isn't worth it~

Btw anyone know how to ask Jap sellers to declare a fake price and the items as a present? I'm not sure how to, but I guess it comes quite handy for rakuten affairs.
OHMYGAWD the stuff they selll there is soooo awesome and often really really cheap!

Oh, what I wanted to add about my English teacher!
This is so fun and cute.

She told us that since now (after one of her sons moved out or so) she's the only coffee drinker in the household, she wanted to buy a new coffee maker, too make smaller amounts of coffee

So she kept thinking about buying the Nespresso machine. But if you buy that you can only make Nespresso coffee, thus supporting the monopolist Nestlé. She's also an economy teacher, so of course she wouldn't want to do this.

Also all of these Nespresso thingies (which are somehow supposed to be put into the machine and contain the coffee) are wrapped in aluminium. This is actually a unnecessary waste of resources. So she 1st checked the recycling rate of aluminium and found out that it's averaging about 99%. She felt a lot better.

Then she checked the company's homepage to get some more information. And yeah, the usual stuff about sustainability and responsibility also gave her a better feeling about it.

Isn't that cute! I wonder if I will ever be as responsible about such little things.
Right now, I would import Hello Kitty stuff from Hongkong via ebay if it's cheaper than at our local store (it IS often cheaper!)

Who cares about nature! Ha!
Kidding, I kinda am concerned about our nature, but not going that far~

I feel like writing a praise post about ebay (and online purchases in general)!

And at the same time, you can get to know sth about fashion and err... my style (gosh, this sentence somehow got a bitchy touch, doesn't it).
The point is, I'm so fucking lazy!
I also want to post about the new winter trends from Vivi, but cutting all the pics is sooo much work~
Just desribing it is boring.

Right now I got 7 books to read!
I think 5 of them are non-story ones. I mean, they are like thos kinda books which talk about how to improve your lifestyle, find happiness, concentrate on your work, etc
Just that the books I'm planning to read are about philosophy, language, egoism, ok one contains sth about happiness and one of full of glosses and grotesques from Tucholsky. Forget it! The other two books contain English detective (short) stories

The point it, I rather read non-fiction book than those those retarded fictional works out there.
I hate those adult stories. Actually literature got boring since it became available for everybody. Because as we know individual people are intelligent, the mass is dumb.

I will explain in my next post!

So, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
Chu, Ailing
*1 month til Christmas *

P/s: Be sure to check out Utada Hikaru's song I linked (under the post title stupid la!)
It's sugeee~

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  1. lese ich da detective stories? krimis?? viel spaß beim lesen!!:D

    hm, kunst. manche übertreiben da wirklich. jede kleinigkeit = kunst. aber kunst sieht jeder anders. man muss viel phantasie haben. und eben das auge eines kunstliebhabers.
    ich bin auch kein fan abstrakter bzw. moderner kunst, würde es aber nicht unbedingt unterschätzen. vielleicht hat das bild ja eine message, wenn man genauer hinschaut. von allen kunststilen finde ich den realismus jedoch am schönsten!
    seltsam, dass du keinen favoriten hast. du musst doch irgendwelche präferenzen haben... o.o ich habe früher auch gedacht, dass ich nur dinge hasse, aber das stimmte nicht. ich habe keine zeit, etwas zu hassen und mich darüber aufzuregen. mein blutdruck, der jahrelang niedrig war, wird langsam normal dadurch, oho!

    ich hab keine ahnung wie die vivi wintersachen aussehen, duh qq! ich lese nur regelmäßig die popteen und popsister, weil eine freundin von mir die jeden monat kauft....^^