Wednesday, 8 December 2010

ロンリーガール 風がまぶしいだけ.

I hv srsly better things to do then blogging, but idk~

Did you know that all vietnamese younger folks who live in my nearer surroudings are afraid of me?

Well, now you know.
Why? Because of all the smelly life posts.
Yeah, I can be so mean

And really, all that low lifes that hv anything to do with her better not cross my way, I don't hv the time to deal with them *kicks to the moon*

I find it really amusing, so everytime I hear that this or that person is afraid of me, I try to enourage that fear, by saying, nxt time u see that person, tell him/her that I'm going to kill him/her without knowing who that person actually is.

I guess, although smelly life shoots her mouth, she's afraid of me, too.
Hahas, victim.
But, then again, if I were her, like 1.3m or so ( that number is estimated only, she might be even shorter or not) I would be afraid of s.o. like me, too.
And also, her self-assurance seems to be not much higher than her height

Oh, how gee!
You know, this means, that I have some kind of influence (or whatever), since people, I don't really know, are afraid of me.
Not that I'd be proud, but I fancy it Hahas ♥

Although, I'm not really that mean most of the time...
But being mean is the greatest fun ever

Btw, she closed her blog, after her bf broke it off with her, after we both had a little convo and he told me that she's a stalker (not right after, but like a week later?)!
Finally realize that she's retarded la!
I mean, I don't run around and complain about people cuz of no reason

Ok, because I didn't want to tell you only this, I quickly made some sort of personality test

Result: Counselor Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging (Idealist)

[...] exceptionally strong desire to contribute to the welfare of others, and find great personal fulfillment interacting with people, [...] guiding them to realize their human potential.
[...]kind and positive in their handling of others; they are great listeners and seem naturally interested in helping people with their personal problems.

Sry, but... Haimai! I'm such a nice, friendly, uber generous person, how can ppl NOT like me? *wonders*

[...]happy working at jobs (such as writing) that require solitude and close attention, Counselors [also] do quite well with individuals or groups of people, provided that the personal interactions are not superficial [...]

V right! Hahas. Superficiality sucks! Wah! Superficial ppl are so stupid!
Ever read smelly life's blog? Ever saw the comments?! They are O.M.G.!

[...]scarce, little more than three percent of the population[...]
hard to get to know, since they tend not to share their innermost thoughts or their powerful emotional reactions[...]
highly private people, with an unusually rich, complicated inner life
[...]have mysterious, intricately woven personalities which sometimes puzzle even them[...]

yeah, I know I'm so special, everyone worship me pls!
the part about being highly private is true, I AM mysterious!

[...]work effectively in organizations. [...]
understand and use human systems creatively, and are good at consulting and cooperating with others[...]

understand and use human systems ceratively this simply means that people are easy to see through for me, which makes them easy prey

[...]vivid imagination[...] most poetical of all the types[...]
use a lot of poetic imagery in their everyday language
[...]great talent for language -both written and spoken-is usually directed toward communicating with people in a personalized way[...]

yeah... I'm good with languages
is that obvious? I wonder?

[...]highly intuitive and can recognize another's emotions or intentions - good or evil - even before that person is aware of them.
[...]can seldom tell how they came to read others' feelings so keenly. This extreme sensitivity to others could very well be the basis of the Counselor's remarkable ability to experience a whole array of psychic phenomena.
[...]can rarely [be] fool[ed] any of the time[...]
[...]readily grasp[s] the hidden psychological stimuli behind the more observable dynamics of behavior and affect[...]

Aiyah! sounds scary! but it's true... more or less... I don't think that I use that much poetry in my everyday language... Ok, sometimes I talk retarded, but just for fun!
btw this shows that you can't mess with me and it shows that I was absolutely right when ranting about smelly life, cuz I FEEL her retardedness via her blog !!!

[...]well aware of the treachery that can reside in the hearts of mortals[...]

So true, Haaizz, it's not a good trait , but I really think so (ok, maybe not THAT negative, but a bit like that~)
had a discussion about this some time ago with my parents

Sources: http://keirsey.com/4temps/counselor.asp | http://typelogic.com/infj.html this one quotes not much, since I didn't get what they're saying

That's it. Byes!
Chu, Ailing

P/s: I'm working on a lame new layout! Hahas ♥

P/p/ps: Omg! the time has nearly come! I almost can distinguish everyone from SuJu! well, at least now they are not an indiscriminate bunch of asian beings to me, but like... you know, each one is someone! and I know some names as well! LoL
except awesome Donghae and dat fat-ass, the rest of them was all the same for me, ok except wait - for - it Ryeowook, who has a very special voice, ok and Heechul the gaylord xD


  1. ne, das lg cookie (bzw. cooky oO) ist nicht ganz so mein fall. smartphones mögen viele funktionen haben, aber das design ist nicht süß genug Q_Q
    eigentlich find ich klapphandys immer noch besser als smartphones. aber es geht mir um die technischen daten DX

    snidel ist ja schön! aber wirklich teuer... kaufen sich wohl so bonzen, die nicht wissen "wohin mit dem geld?" hah.
    durch hass wird der blutdruck höher. habe ich was anderes behauptet? wenn ja, dann hab ich mich wohl verwechselt und in dem moment ein bisschen verwirrt.
    hass ist aber zu viel gefühl. gleichgültigkeit ist mir doch viel lieber xD sieh es gelassen. ;3

    ich weiß scho, dass die vivi europäisch orientiert ist. merkt man ja an den models. irgendwie mag ich das nicht, aber der kleidungsstil würde dann in deutschland mit sicherheit anklang finden.

    ich arbeite auch an einem neuen layout! lass mir aber unendlihc viel zeit, hab viel zu tun X_X
    vor mir haben nur kinder angst. XD

    ich kenne smelly life nicht, aber wenn du so abschätzig darüber schreibst, brauch ich das ja gar nicht zu lesen? wenn es überhaupt noch existiert.

  2. seit wann hast du denn überhaupt das lollipop 1? xD der fette? du meinst wohl shindong...?
    höhö, ich kann auch alle namen der 13 suju-mitglieder. vorausgesetzt, die sind alle noch vollzählig und keiner wurde ersetzt (hab ich aber nicht mitgekommen, bin aber nicht mehr so intensiv in der kpop-phase wie vor einem halben jahr, jetzt hör ich nur noch instrumentals...)

    dürfte ich mal die blogadresse haben? find ich irgendwie nicht. schade, hätte gern gewusst, was für einträge das gewesen wären haha, jetzt hast du mich neugierig gemacht. war das übrigens ein deutscher blog und kanntest du sie persönlich? ^^

    die ganzen marken die du aufgezählt hast - auf den webseiten sind ja meist kaukasische models, was soll das? find ich nicht so dolle, wenn da jetzt ein paar ausnahmen wären, wäre das ja okay, aber so sieht es für mich nach einem wannabe-label aus, das in der westlichen welt total populär sei, in wirklichkeit aber eben diese westlichen modehersteller zu kopieren scheint...

    eine internetverbindung ist schon wichtig, aber wenn nicht wlan, dann kann man ja immer mit gms ins internet. mit einer internetflatrate ist es ja kein problem mehr, ich surfe in der schule im internet mit dem handy 8D
    die meisten japanischen handys (glaub vor allem docomo) laufen über 3g und in deutshcland ist der zugriff ins internet beschränkt...? ach, keine ahnung. ich kaufe mir einfach ein iphone und wechsel die cases nach lust und laune xD