Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Can't Nobody.

또 다른 나 - 채동하

Because I wondered, how ppl can blog everyday, mind every single day, I read some random back in 2005 posts of Xiaxue.

Serious, if I think about it, her life wasn't that much more special than lots of other lifes, but maybe she thinks about things more?


So yeah, this is the 2nd day of my diet.

(I'm saying this to introduce the topic that I'm going to talk about now, NOT because I feel so high abt this 2nd day (like some mental girls would) >.<)

And I have been browsing through the #thinspo's of tumblr again. Serious, it's one of my hobbies.
Not because they inspire me to lose weight (because I am already nearly that thin~ and also I don't want to look like a crip).

I truly enjoy to read the pathetic posts of those mentals and how they are posting pics of nearly dead people saying I want to be like this! I will be like this!

Honestly, it's hilarious how sick they are.

In former times, when I was younger, I used to pity anorexics, etc and tried to help them, telling them they were blind and stupid. And how beautiful they already are.

(Yes, actually I'm a nice, helpful soul)

But I gave up. Those girls are by light years too stupid for me.

Whatever you tell them, they still wanna starve themselves and torture their bodies.

So now I just think: Why not?

They are stupid, I hate stupid people. I want them to suffer.

It's their own fault.

Even if they die, it's their own fault.

Most of them are literally wishing to be anorexic, so let them be.

They want to be skin and bones only.

Ok, I hope they will reach their goal some day (but after a few months of binging, purging, being bullied and pain~ and failures).

I hope they will end up looking like shit and at the same time think they are beautiful.

It's a very pleasant idea.
Imagine some old and totally ugly woman, who still wears miniskirts and is uber revealing her cleavage. So you see all of her deep tanned, leather-like, limp skin.
And on top of that she obviously had several plastic surgery jobs done.
And the old hag walks around feeling like sexist thing alive, without realizing that she's just a bitter laugh.

And now replace the old bitch with some anorexic chick!
Such a pitiful image what?

The anorexic girl is actually more pitiful, because she is mainstream somemore~

Last time I said, how I hated people who use their blogs only to let others know how they wallow in self-pity!

Well, those sick girls are no different!

They are weak. And the other thing I hate about humans, which is just as bad as stupidity, is weakness.

Anorexic girls are too weak to appreciat themselves.
Respecting their body is strange to them.

I hate weak people, they are so unworthy~

So, if I had the will to do it, I would make a tumblr and post hate posts everday!

Especially, because so many people there a clearly overweight!

It won't really harm them if they starve themselves to death for a change~

And then I guess, the pro-ana chicks would go wild on me, insulting me like You're just jealous, because you're a fat bitch!

And I would be like Guess who's fat, too, bitch?

Which will throw them all into a deep, dark hole of utter despair~

Yeah me!

Whatever, my BMI today morning was 20.1 (I should lose 0.4 everyday)~

Means, I'm not against losing weight, even in a (moderate) unhealthy way.

But losing weight should make people beautiful and not scary.

I am convinced of that fact that I'm more enlightened than the rest of humankind. Thus I am always right.
So, I hate it when people refuse to agree with whatever I say!

And instead of countering w/ substantive arguments they fling frothy stuffs around like Haters gonna hate!

Like WTF?!
How is that relevant to anything?

It doesn't prove that you're right, nor does it prove that I am wrong!

Also as a die-hard hater I cannot stand this phrase, because we haters hate cuz we got reason!
Just stfu~

The other day I watched Michelle Phan's vid about making masks w/ eggs.
And I really acknowledge her honourable efforts to make this place a better place, etc, but one of her sentences really make me thoughtful.

She was talking about a certain brand she buys her eggs from. This brand treats the hens all good and you know they can walk around freely and stuff.
I don't remember what she said exactly, but she emphasized the fact, that the eggs are better than other eggs, because they were from happy hens.
Thus the masks she makes out of these eggs were also better or sth like that.

She's not the only person who wants to buy products from happy animals. Many ppl want to do that.

I was a bit puzzled, because actually it's quite presumptuous to demand for the animals we are eating or from which we are eating the kids should be happy, isn't it?
Like we are killing them in order to enjoy their meat, while we could eat other stuffs, but no - they have to be happy?!

At least, let them be depressed or whatever, let them chose their own emotion, right?

Kays, of course they don't know that they are going to be killed and also I don't think that the hens love their eggs, but if we see things from this angle, are we not supercilious, but furtive?

I know that this is a quite vain topic to talk about, it's just one of the million thought I have, which I wanted to share with you.
Actually I don't fucking care if the animals are happy or not, and I don't even believe that the eggs are any different LOL

That's it for now!


Chu, Ailing

P/s: Steve Jobs died


Haha, did you seriously think that I would dedicate a few lines in order to commemorate him?
The fuck I gonna do.

Seriously, at first I thought it was a joke, cuz it seemed too suitable that he died when everyone was frustrated abt the iPhone 4S.
Like some PR gag thing.

In the future I should take all the RIPs more seriouls, because the same thing happened to me once already.

The only death of a celeb which truly made me sad, was when I got to know that Chae Dongha died.
I remember being sad a whole day long.

He was such an awesome and brilliantly sensitive singer, I can't put in to words what a great loss he is.
I truly feel so sorry for him and I know, we always say this, but, I truly hope that he is happy.

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