Monday, 26 November 2012

Glittering holiday lights and snow dancing from the skies

Defying Gravity - Glee Cast

When will it - now that it's nearly December and Christmas - snow?
Briefly taking in the sweet anticipation, hastily mincing through crowded streets aflamed by the magic light of lushly decorated shop windows, over slippery slushy rests of the night's snowfall, which hamper our quest as little as the bulky bags dangling from people's arms, as we speed past our well wrapped up fellow sufferers, while - Oh dear! Already this dark outside - it's dawning on us that a 12h power shopping spree isn't enough to buy 5 Christmas presents.

That's the proper Christmas mood.

I have 2,5 Christmas presents already btw! I start v early this year!!
I want to show you guys what I bought, but my blog is being stalked read, so I can't.

But it's super cool, in the sense of: practical, nice color, cute, Japanese(-style), pretty.
A present couldn't be more perfect!

Recently, I found so many things that I want! So many, why is life all about owning more and more and more? I thought up a technique, which somehow makes it a lot easier for me to live with my (hopefully soon-to-be fulfilled) wishes:

For every item that you want, you have to find one item of your belongings that you discard in return.

I don't know how it helps, but I somehow find that it's working like the The Secret trick of treating your bills like paychecks (sth like that). And also, it feels like you really don't want to own more, only other things, so actually you don't have to do sth (i.e. spending money) to get them. #falsesyllogism
For a person who owns too many things, this is a super funny way to get rid of junk. And you could make money by selling your old stuff (how many things I own are brand new, but I never touch them?)
+ Double win if you are a procrastinator: I will never take the time to sell those things, so no wonder I don't get what I want!

But since I finally know the reason, I don't find it so bad anymore.

I noticed that I'm friggin conservative - regarding marriage and family foundation. And my friends are, too.

We all think that divorcing is crap and that you should stick with our husband/wife until end of time. Personally I think, it's too easy to divorce, people might not even try to try to work things out and find it easier to break up.
I think that when you marry someone, you have to make up your mind beforehand: even if someday a slutty chick will be my secretary I must be faithful to my wife! - and then really stick to your promise of a lifetime. Otherwise - just don't marry!!!!

What I also can't understand: People who don't want any children.
You are being born, you go to kindergarten, you play house! «I'm the mother, you're the father and Lilly is the baby!!!» Even small kids know that someday they are going to be parents! It's like a basic instinct, so why?!
Anyway, I don't how terrible it is to die a lone death in some sort of neglected old-age home - it's for you to find out!!

Another thing: Women who have babies should not wear hot pants and mini skirts anymore!
Have some dignity please!
Dressing good, ok! Dressing sexy, not ok? Why must dress sexy? You want to get laid or what?
Unless you go out with the father of your kid!

I wonder if our oppinions are weird or normal for our generation...

soon, it's Christmas greetings,
Chu, Ailing

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  1. vielleicht weil es welche gibt, kinder nicht mögen? wobei ich das auch nicht voll und ganz nachvollziehen kann - jeder war mal ein kind. deswegen finde ich leute, die keine kinder haben wollen, aber kinder haben können, unsympathisch~

    bin dieses jahr auch früh mit weihnachtsgeschenken! all die jahre davor war ich es nie xD
    ich bleibe jetzt erstmal ein weilchen auf deinem blog wegen der musik :9