Sunday, 11 November 2012



It did snow over here, but not in such a measure that it would allow or in any way justify the use of such a daring header pic...
It's still beautiful.
New York, too.

I thought that as a blogger the only decent thing to do is to use every excuse to forge a blog post.
That's why - junking my most basic personality-defining source-of-pride principles - I'm providing you with this piece of news happening in my life.

It isn't even exactly news for those who follow my twitter.
Being the would-be popular blogger I am, I can of course count on your not-following-ness.

So - wind back - I've got NEWS

As you know, Cy and I are regular gym visitors since more than a month and some visits ago, the trainer asked me if I could model some shoes for his friend who runs a photo studio.
I did not say yes, I only confirmed that I had the right shoe size.
The trainer took this as a promise and promptly OK'd to some 4th person who suddenly called shortly afterwards So, I had no choice but to accept

Well, there's one thing about me which nearly defines everything I do:

I have an ultra intense love-hate relationship towards typical things
acutally I uber hate typical things, but some things are so incredibly typically typical that my hatred goes loopy and turns into eternal love

As for part modeling: uber hatred
Why: there's nearly nothing as act-fame as saying 'I'm a hair model', 'I'm a hand model', etc
I could go ballistic everytime I hear girls introducing themselves as 'Half Swiss Half Thai, I'm a hair model'

Like fuck, even if you are the most best hair model in the world, nobody will know your name/ face ever!
Being the most unknown normal model, is still better!

That's why, I'm actually not available for those things.
Whole-body modelling is 10000 times better.

Please, don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against hand models, etc, but even if you don't intend to brag about it, it's not something you tell people, without them asking directly for it, because it is embarassing
Because, people will assume that you're telling them to show-off.
And it's such a sad thing to show off (except you make a living out of it, then it's not a sad thing to show-off, but you still shouldn't tell everyone, because showing-off remains a sad thing to do)

Admittedly, foot modeling is very comfortable and quick.
I came, I modelled the sandals, I left - 30 bucks richer, 20 min later.

(20 min includes time to clarify a few details, to adjust softboxes and change cam and akward erm-ing).

Although the shoes were only a few cm high, I somehow had my dear problems standing on one foot, while graciously bending the other leg

(Oh, before I forget: my feet aren't exactly pretty)

So yeah~ that's the world-shattering news

Another story to show you how my typical things love-hatred works :

Today a group of 20-ish deaf-mutes tried to kid around with me. It was so funny and fascinating, because they were like every other group of guys, only that they couldn't hear anything (I know and knew of course that they were normal people, but to see it live is another thing).
Like there's always one guy in the group who makes a fool out of himself, and then there are the others who act v sensible (and threaten to beat the fool up if he keeps behaving like an idiot) and so on...
The fool was actually showing me his certificate of disability (at least I guess that's what it was), while the others tried to hold him back and others again gesticulatingly told me that he was crazy. And they were damn handsome and confident. Super cool!

Normally it's normal people who make fun out of disabled persons, but this time the deaf guys teased me, because I couldn't understand what they were saying!
So cool somehow

That's it! Tomorrow is my birthday

Chu, Ailing

P/S:닐리리맘보(NILLILI MAMBO) - by Block B is a dope ass song! I linked it at the top of this entry!!!

I love the typical Asian lowlife small-time criminal shit! (you see what I did there?)

Oh yeah and the guy with pony-tail is dope! I friggin love guys with pony-tails!!!
Why? Because it looks awesome and is such an untypical hair style for guys!!! (omg- double you see what I did there)


  1. Happy Burstday Darringg!!!

    stay happy and gorgeous
    electric love transmision XXX

  2. your writing style remains quite unique !^^
    Thank you!!

    woah the date is 12/11/12

  3. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! (Y)

  4. hab mal ne frage....wieso heisst dein blog taiga tsukini? Ö.ö

  5. mein blog heißt so wie er immer hieß (wenn man den link als namen sieht)
    nur der taiga tsukini blog hat als inhalt einen iframe mit meinem blog als quelle

  6. okeeey... naja wurscht XD waren nur paar leute verwirrt weil man mich unter dem namen taiga tsukini kennt ^^ aber die sind eh schon informiert