Saturday, 6 April 2013

Mhmm things

죽겠네 - Andrew Choi

Just thought I'd share some food pics. They are from a hot pot restaurant in Nürnberg (except the two first ones). It's really a good restaurant. The hot pot is ok, but the rest of the food (buffet, sushi, mongolian bbq) is super yummy! In one pic it appears that we ate choco-mushrooms, I don't know what that actually was, but I think it must be something choco-banana-ish. The furnishing also ranks among the more classy one. A pity I couldn't go shopping at U&O there.
I'm still weight-lossing btw (not really), bt Cy and I are ganbare-ing once more, this time more serious than ever (you could increase the seriousness about dieting til forever, it still won't really reach 'dead serious' at all). We plan to go daily now (I'm talking about going to the gym). I must say I did lose 2kg and gained them back over last weekend ㅋㅋ.

Oh, Cy and 'daily' reminds me of a certain individual that Cy kinda found for me (can't really express it in a righter way). His alias is mhmm-oppa, (short 'moppa') (god, bless my creativity). His close to p0rn dp in LINE totally prevented me from adding him at the beginning. I thought it was some random-suggestion provided by the Naver guys (who must have thought that they couldn't watch my sad fan-girl existence any longer) and that a normal person, who'd have anything to do with me, would not, not have such a dp. Anyways, I patiently waited for the guy to add me (first time experiencing something similar to the infamous (when) will he call me back- feeling - which before I only knew as a phrase abused for screen-productions). Turned out he was the one waiting. But I'm still the stupid one.
I decided now that I should determine whether I think that it's really him (his body to be precise) on the dp, or not. Cy thinks it's his body. So I'm saying, it ain't. We'll see~

Chu, Ailing

P/S: He's not the potential one, don't get me wrong.

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