Monday, 29 April 2013


Galaxy - 악동 Musician

おっすおっすおっすおっすおっすおっすおっすおっすおっすっ! woah somehow I'm super lame, I suddenly got damn sleepy right when I started this post.

I feel a bit guilty, so I'm blogging some stuff anyways, been neglecting so much somehow.

Ok, so with all the ruckus people have been making about spring/not spring and changeable weathers only to finally come to the agreement that it really is spring, I bet it's not entirely news to you that Spring has sprung! I mean the world suddenly is green as heck~
That's why I thought that my melancholy, obsolete playlist needs some spring remake, too and voilà - Akdong Musician, Andrew Choi, Naul! I'm totally into Naul nowadays. His weird, plastic-pop/ jazzy background music and his exceptional voice are such a great and unique combination.

Enough about music, I was honestly super busy the last weeks and how no time to do update my blog. Went to Salzburg, Austria last week and finally know where Hayao Miyazaki draws the inspiration for his backdrops from. Wow, Salzburg is such an awesome city: imagine fairy tale-style Baroque buildings squeezed between majestic mountains and a river in between! Marvellous~ It's a mixture of the old Sissi movies and the Heidi anime.
Unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera along, so I have no pictures to give further expression to my raptures. But Salzburg is definitely worth a visit with good friends (who are into tumblr-style scenery)
Other than that - remember my moppa from last time? I know have two to take care of (because moppa brought his friend), so the 2nd shall hereby go by the alias of op2 (read op-il) guess where that nick was stolen from. They are the 2nd reason for why I only had limited time

Super off-topic, unrelated, random ramble from here on

So, now that I have my life back, I'm trying to continue the roll I had in March. Starting with this Friday when Cy and I are in Frankfurt to do a bit shopping. I'm going to bring my camera along, although Fra isn't really pretty, but who knows might see ikemen - not.
On this note, I bought the Galaxy Note II. Honestly, I don't understand why product designers think it's necessary for smart phones to have this metal rim around the sides. I hated it on the Note I and the Note II still has that stupid thing. I mean didn't we agree that the color silver and metallic features are ugly when gadgets suddenly started to become all white in 2008 or so? So why? That's why I really wanted to get the Galaxy S IV since the silver rim of it is not as obvious from the top view. But - size does matter, so I opted for the Note II
Wouldn't it be a good idea to stop posting weight-loss related stuff until I really made a progress that can't be ruined by just one All-You-Can-Eat-event at the Chinese? (I swear I'm capable of gaining 3kg per day) I did lose some weight over the last week (veery slowly though), but now my scale, our scale, is gone and I can't check on my weight development anymore Guess, it's time for my own scale~ Anyway, I don't really want to post any 'I'm planning to lose weight'-sort of things anymore, since it's getting a bit ridiculous! Hope I can post sth like 'My weight is now 49.9, suck it! Can you see me? *waves hands like a retard* Rest in peace!' (yes I'm actually over the deadly 50kg mark ) But more than for me, I'm hoping that Cy can finally lose some weight, because I think that her pretty face should have that ゴージャスなボディ to go along with it for the perfect killer combination, right? As for me, it'd be a lie to say that my body isn't already naturally quite well-shaped... from afar... if you don't intend to date me... or make me your wife or see me as female

Chu, Ailing

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