Tuesday, 18 March 2014

rainy magazine time

二人の娘 - KOKIA

Welcome to today's afternoon show Major Procrastination, I'm your host Ailing Chu. Let's start today's episode with our new feature 'What to do when you want to do nothing and your eyes are a damn sleepy?' Hello, lazy part of Ailing's personality.

Hello Ailing, glad to see you. So being lazy and having slept for too long I spent maybe 3 hours since I am awake trying to figure out what the fuck I could do, since I wanted to do nothing at all! I finally managed to start stream Star Trek: The Next Generation, since I wanted to re-watch the whole series for a while. Been reloading the page for the last hour since video keeps crashing due to super slow internet!
Just now I made myself a tea - rosehip, the best tea if you're a childish type of tea savourer - and am skipping through the newest H&M magazine somemore.
And that's already it for today I hope you have a wonderful Monday and see you again next time.

Well thank you lazy Ailing for that interesting piece of advise I'm sure to pick it up for myself!

... err yeah at least it's raining and so I feel a bit better, but I absolutely can't be arsed to do anything productive.
Reading magazines is at least some sort of educational or entertaining, so I'm ok with that. I love reading magazines, because most articles in them are about popular subjects they are much more interesting than books. I don't like fiction, I prefer broadening content that lets me learn about other people's mindset, world view and opinions on everyday subjects.
Even in fashion magazines are maybe especially in those you can find articles that will enlighten you in a useful way, because they deal with much more immediate and seizable stuff than politics or science (you have to admit that clothes and make-up are really very 'everyday life'). And with useful way I don't mean they tell you what is cool and what is uncool to wear so you can walk around (feeling that you) looking better than the rest of humankind.
No, I mean that fashion writers explain and investigate the current zeitgeist, the mood of society, which is ultimately the profound background of all that's happening. Soo interesting, or not? Haha Also the parts about beauty and wellness they just help you to feel good and discover new things. What could be more interesting than fashion magazines? love

So yeah enjoying those and the wonderful rain and I was in Munich to get a digital perm and am on day 3 of 3 days that I can't wash my hair (makes any sense?)

Chu, Ailing

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