Thursday, 27 September 2012

Big Time.

Shanghai Romance - Orange Caramel

Hellos Everyone!
Today's post will be only about happy things (as promised)!

First of all, it has been stormy and rainy outside, I love

Big Bang and Super Junior will come to the MTV EMAs 2012 in Frankfurt, Germany (at this point of time not 100% confirmed, but come on - who can beat them?)

I can come and see two most iconic Kpop idols (?) at one point of time!
Oh Donghae!
On my Most Handsome Guys Ever list, he's in #1 place! Sharing it with every other guy actually hóhóhó

The EMAs are going to be held on the 11th November, which is FT Island Minhwan's Birthday the day before my birthday! Oh please cannot sponsor me the tickets?
I am ready to take whatever economical loss to buy the tickets , but I heard the majority of them is raffled!
And I don't want to go alone! But one of my friend is damn kiasu man, to afraid to skip tuitions
Other friend I haven't ask first, because she's not so into Kpop, but I ask now, she will say she's 2nd choice one!

Anyways, Super Junior and Big Bang!

Cy has got the kareshi
Super awesome! The reason why I call him kareshi is because he is Japanese

I'm already planning Cy's future lah! She must move to Japan and become ViVi model! She already say, she don't want, but well, I will be one of the friends, of whom you hear that they registered their friends at some kind of casting!!
She is 10 times more beautiful than Lena Fuji

Then I can haz a place to stay at in Japan right? Super Win! I may sound slightly selfish here, but I am not! Totally happy that everything went well with both of them!

Omo! Practically my whole life, I've been trying to have something which links me to Japan and now finally - after all these years

The part two of this happy news is that, Cy has done some fab shopping for me and I'm going to collect the stuff tomorrow and show you all!
Most importantst of all she got me Liz Lisa and Emoda stuff! In case you don't know, please read Cheesie's laud to Emoda. It's mostly because of this blog post that I like Emoda! Of course I know it before from ViVi, but never really paid attention to it, because I liked the boho kind of stuff more.

The only thing which is a bit sad, is that she couldn't find the Kawi Jamele store . So I never own Kawi Jamele stuff lah! (that's the brand of my idol Miliyah Kato) and I really love their stuff!

Nevertheless, I am still one lucky girl

I started my invisalign treatment! Currently on my 7th aligner!
Unfortunately, I can't show you my mfugly before pics, because - I naturally have straight teeth + underwent a normal braces treatment in my early teenie years already! So no, I don't have hideous teeth like Cheesie (no insult lah pls, her face beats mine 1000 times) to show off progress

The reason why I still got invisalign now is because (am I raping the word 'because'today wtf) my mother is damn fussy about the prettiness of my face, so she absolutely wanted to correct my two front teeth, which are protruding quite a bit. And they are super bigass big also! I'm already famous for them among the staff of my dentist. But my aunt say, big front teeth means super wealth, so I'm ok with them
And models with misshaped front teeth are super popular right now, so embrace your uglyness

A propos my fussy mother, why won't suggest I do plastic surgery also? When I say, I wan nose job, she just say No, I gave birth to you with such a magnificent straight nose, why you want to change it? It looks like plastic surgery already!
My father say looks like Thai plastic surgery somemore!
Pui! I'm not sure what my mom means with straight, but I guess it's big enough to feed a full grown sabre-tooth tiger, talking about needing 10kg meat a day~

(I admit that my nose bridge is somewhat high and in some way is sharp, never irl, but one some pics, it's really high and standing out)

I think I have 27 aligners in total, divided by 4 equals 6.75 months treatment
There are always 3 aligners in one box, going from soft to hard, but all have the same shape. You wear each one for one week and then switch to the next.
It doesn't really hurt to wear them mostly. Only when you switch to a new box, your teeth might feel sort of lose. So eat instant noodles instead


A superduber hyper mega ultra big once-in-a-happy-decade selca! You are welcome!

or not? is it still a selca if I censored like this one?

It looks like I cut my face, made this black line and then pulled the bottom part further down #opticalillusion (I didn't - my face really crazy like that)

Anyways, I will regret this in probably 2 years time~

Is that enough happiness already? (
I know that there can never be enough happiness

Yes, I have many kaoanis and gifs I have lots and lots more, even bigger ones! and un-cute vintage style ones!
I will write an entry to show them off, too, but on this entry I wanted to focus on the smaller ones. (oh my god, that I even have the luxury to say so )

Btw I joined a prize game for the Galaxy Note 10.1, wish me god luck everyone! (god luck is more than good luck!)

Until next time then, fly high
Chu, Ailing


  1. looks like sulli...

  2. Firstly, I love Big Bang! Wish I can go to their concert one day. I'll love to meet Daesung and T.O.P, who are my favourites out of them all. I know people whose friends have met G-Dragon in person (heard that he's really proud, unfriendly and stuck up). Which is really disappointing! Oh well.

    Also, I wish I have a sharp nose. My nose is rather round-ish in pictures, although it's not really round-ish in real life. I don't know why I look slightly different in pictures as opposed to real life. *facepalm* Unless I contour my nose with makeup, I'll look as though I have a very sharp nose in pictures. You're so lucky. xD